Pamela Prati guest Who has seen it to talk about online scams: the bomb of Dagospia


Published on May 28, 2019


Dagospia always on the piece, also in this case. According to the law on the site of Roberto d'agostino, the Rai seeks to bring water to his mill using in any way the Pamela Prati Gate. How? It seems that in the episode of those Who saw it aired the 29 may 2019 the challenge to Live-Not the d'urso) among the guests of the evening will be Pamela Prati. It seems like a hoax to read it as well, one of those fake news which come from time to time. But the news seems to be real, at least according to Dagospia that generally, the public facts, not things invented.

The news has already made the rounds of social media and sites online, as you can imagine, and the audience seems to have taken well to this story. But because Pamela Meadows should be a guest at anyone Who has seen it? To look for his Mark Caltagirone? Always Dagospia tries to clarify the reason for this is hosted. It seems that the Meadows will be among the guests, Federica-Offs to talk about online scams. She, who says she is a victim of a scam, a scam that lasted 8 months, explain what has happened by answering the questions Federica-Offs.

And here's what we read on Dagospia:

The Offs in order to raise the ratings, you imbarbarisce mode D'urso. Last Wednesday's ‘Chi l'ha visto?’ has fallen 8% against the D'urso pratizzata and tomorrow evening-Offs will host Pamela Meadows to talk about online scams and try to go back.

And still:

But the real scam is to the public. Can the public service to accommodate a former showgirl who has told and continues to tell lies to the italians? How much money of rent, will perceive the Meadows to tell yet bales on Raitre? Rai has yet to clarify how much was the compensation to the Meadows for the hosted by the Venier and the Bailiff, seeing that today in the ‘fatto Quotidiano’ his agent(and the mind of the scam) Pamela Perricciolo talk about 40 thousand euros to ‘True’.

But we are confident that the Meadows will be the guest of anyone Who has seen it to talk about online scams and not to look for his Mark? She still believes that there is...

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