Pag-Big Brother Vip 4 with the desire to forget Serena


Published on Dec 14, 2019


Pag-Big Brother Vip 4 with the desire to forget Serena. Pag-Big Brother Vip 4 by January 2020. It's official. The microphones of the talk show declared: “do I really need. Within in the house full of enthusiasm, still a bit hurt, but somehow the wounds should be healed and the Big Brother has that power”.

Silvia University, who asks him how he dealt with the break with the former Serena Enardu after the program “Temptation Island”, the singer replies:

“I'm still in love with Serena, I am not ashamed to say so because a feeling so strong can not vanish from one day to another. We were in crisis – continues – for quite some time, but I thought that our relationship the same again growing, for this I agreed to do Temptation, I thought we were going in the right direction. I'm now taking in hand of my life. I need to live myself to the maximum.”

Of his childhood in Pago said he had a wonderful father, but who lived a particular life, full of problems at the judicial level:

“When I was 13 years old, my father was arrested, leaving us at the mercy of nothing. We had nothing, we were without a home. There was a period of inaction. Even a lawyer advised us to drive it off. I remember that he came to me in Milan and I kept it hidden, it was a period complicated. We also tried to have him transferred to Costa Rica because it couldn't handle it anymore, but he had been so want to stay in Cagliari, which was also decided to die there.”

Finally, the singer confesses that before establishing himself in the world of music and he made the street artist:

“In Paris I did the street artist to earn something. I slept where it happened, on the street or in the station. Then one day I fell in love with Milan, and also here I slept one day in a pension or in the street, some friend gave me the machine and I slept there. In life I suffered a lot, but their suffering has given me the strength to go forward”.

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