PAFF: Giulio de Vita and his project in the name of the comic!

Published on Nov 01, 2017

Giulio de Vita and the PAFF, the comic as a cultural tool!

To say that the comic is still considered a form of art child is an understatement. In recent years, however, there were numerous initiatives to bring the ninth art to the fore, demonstrating the depth and richness of the attractions of the average comic book. Thanks to the reporting of Lola Airaghi, these days I discovered the existence of a project that aims to give the average comic the right stage to show their importance. To promote this initiative is Giulio de Vita, artist of the world of comics, who has chosen to engage to show how the world of the clouds of the speakers may be something more than a simple entertainment, but a real art.

During a phone call, Giulio tells me that the process that led him to conceive of the PAFF. Already at a first glance of the page Facebook of the project, you can imagine how behind it there is a careful study and research, supported by an undeniable love for comics. The project is located in Pordenone, italy, the birthplace of Julius, a location that also has a fairly accurate value, as explained to me the same Giulio

“The choice of Pordenone has a root in socio-cultural well precise. Historically, this area has always been predominantly agricultural, but since the ’60s, thanks to the opening of some of the industry giants, such as the Rex (now Elettrolux), the agricultural sector has gone a massive way to the industrial. Hand in hand has increased the wealth of the citizens, which has resulted in a cultural development that has led this area to be enriched by cultural initiatives rather important”

With a joke, Julius invites me to get comfortable, because the speech will be long, especially for framing the social and cultural context in which it is matured the design of the PAFF. To surprise me, is the preparation and study with Julius is dedicated to this idea, in addition to an enthusiasm never absent in his words, that reveals a deep love for his land of origin.

“Pordenone is a small, if compared to other cities, but starting in the mid - ’90s and especially in the first years of the new millennium has had a cultural development, not indifferent. To be honest, it was also about a class far-sighted policy that has been able to exploit a cultural background that is always present on the territory. Few people know that in the years ’70 Pordenone has had an influence remarkable on the music scene, especially in terms of punk, but also from the point of view of the comic, with names such as Bordin, Damiano Damiani (who later became the director of dramas such as The octopus), Toffolo, Barison, or Romeo Toffanetti. We have a renowned Festival of silent cinema, and a well-known literary festival, the Pordenone Law. The culture here breathes, it is well-rooted in our daily life”

But we always talk about music, literature and cinema, the comic strip always remains a hair back. Giulio wants to change this trend, aims to bring the comic within this thriving cultural reality, more so now that he is back in his native land.

“For my professional growth, I have traveled a lot, I was confronted with a different reality, but in the end, for love I went back in my Pordenone. You know, with the internet now you can send your work anywhere in very little time, so I was able to make this choice. And standing here, I noticed how, even though you have tried to give a cultural push, the comic has always remained on the sidelines”.

Here we go again, the comic remains always at the margins of the cultural scene. And to think that this year, the Strega Prize has arrived in the final stages just a comic book, Orientalia. Giulio was not discouraged, but is still realistic on the relationship between institutions and the comic

“The institutions still struggle to perceive the comic as a cultural tool. In my journey to give life to the PAFF, in fact, I tried to consider this aspect also. If I had restricted myself to propose my idea of counting on my professionalism in the sector the comic, I would have had little credibility. For this I decided to avail myself of the advice of experts, comparing with architects, curators and experts, in order to offer a credibility in the concrete for the project, PAFF”

In short, in view of the distrust in the industry the comic, let's not show the side to the criticism, preventing them. The thought of Giulio must have been this, an idea that has put in place at a time when the economic crisis has also affected the area of Pordenone.

“The crisis also affects cultural development, and some of the installations of museums in the area have had to deal with this situation. Seeing as some of the buildings remained empty, I decided it was time to put in motion my idea: the BANG”

“The name is the acronym of Palace Art and Comics Friuli, but is also the onomatopoeia comic that usually is accompanied by the slap in the face. I would like that the BANG was a slap in the face to the mentality that still sees comics as an artistic reality in the child, although in many cities of the world are impressive museums dedicated to comics. Take the Centre Belge de la Bande Dessinèe or the Musee Hergè( dedicao a Tin Tin) of Brussels, are actually very popular, and with an identity that is easily recognizable”

In fact, a museum of comic it would be a good idea, but Giulio clarifies the motto of the BANG: not a museum, not a museum.

“What I'd like to do is to break the usual approach to the museum, to go over. Usually the museums give to think such a thing of the past, I would like to point to the future, starting from the present. The comic would be safely the main theme, but it will also be the source of a journey that will take him to deal with other forms of art, to enrich a broad and comprehensive cultural offer. And I confess that I also feel excited, he thinks to give me support I received words of appreciation of the personality of this world! Even the Art of Cancer, the author of Maus, has honored the design of the PAFF with a table!”

The idea of Julius is certainly eye-catching, mainly because designed to not be directed only to the comic fans, but also to offer a complete vision of the universe of the clouds, speaking to those who know this world only marginally. Pordenone should be only the first step of this operation.

“Now I'm trying to bring the world of comics at Pordenone, as a first step of a journey that I hope will lead us to widen our horizons”

Chat with Giulio gave me a nice boost of confidence as regards the future of the dissemination of the comic book. The idea of Giulio to bring this project to life is exciting, you see how there is a sincere belief. A similar feat has need of the support, not only of the institutions, which should finally take conscience of the importance of the average comic book, but also of all the fans, who should put themselves at the side of Julius, and support him in this undertaking.

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