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Published on Sep 06, 2017

The in the Pay TV market continues to be dominated by Sky. The colossus, which belongs to the group of british, offers a lot of exclusive previews, unobtainable otherwise have taken other broadcasters. Therefore, if you are going to take out a membership, we are sure that you'll want to know what are the packages Sky are available, and the offers of the moment.

Usually find the offerings of satellite broadcaster is a procedure to be quite boring. Packages Sky are promotions only temporary, lasting at least six months, but they have an activation window short enough. Also, a little bit of time, a partnership was signed with Fastweb, a milestone of the fiber connection Italian.

If you want to discover so what are the packages Sky, the most advantageous of the moment, you just have to stay with for a few minutes. If you have a little patience, we are confident that together we will find the way to save something on a monthly subscription basis.

If you have already given us a peek at the official website of Sky, you will realize that there is a page dedicated to the packages and the offers. For convenience, we report all in a single paragraph.

After seeing what are the packages Sky and what do you find inside is the memento of the move to temporary offers. It's promotions are not always available, which cut down considerably the cost of the subscription. In addition, as well as all the accessories needed to see the Sky, it happens sometimes that they make the most of the extra products, such as televisions or smartphones.

To view the best offers Sky we will help you with a widget that is interactive really interesting. In addition to reporting the current offers gives you the possibility to analyze them simply by clicking in the yellow button details.

Among those you can find in the box the most interesting are certainly the last two that will allow you to merge together multiple packages Sky at a very affordable price for 12 months. We also report to you that on the website of Sky is available, an offer is really advantageous. In fact you can take advantage of a package Sky TV, Sky Family, Sky Box Sets and Sky On Demand, at a price of 29,90 € for the first 12 months. Also, if you activate the offer online you have the gift of a LG TV 22”.

The only extra cost that you will incur during the first year is to install but only if you don't have the dish. In this case you will have to contribute with 79 € one-off.

As we said at the beginning of the article, from a little bit of time Sky and Fastweb have signed a collaboration agreement that allows you to choose both the satellite TV internet connection. Due to the increasing amount of content you can enjoy via the internet, this can be a solution really advantageous.

Don't expect to be able to take advantage of all the packages Sky at the same time, but it is still a great way to save a good amount on the monthly fee.

For all those who do not want to feel obligated to subscribe to, quite expensive, Sky thought it a good idea to offer an On-Demand service called Now TV. In this way, you can see the channels on the giant tv directly via the internet using a smartphone, tablet or PC. In this way you will pay month-to-month, without ever being bound by a contract, a bit like what happens with Netflix or Infinity.

The base packages are four and allow you to see more or less all over the Sky. Are divided in the Cinema, Football, Entertainment, and TV Series.

It ends, however. As you can see from the interactive menu, you will have the opportunity to mix and match according to your needs, the packages Sky that you prefer. In this way, you will create a program custom and you choose the price.

In this context, given that the Now TV uses the internet connection for its operation, there back particularly useful to make a comparison with offers Fastweb-dedicated. Thus you will be always sure of having the most advantageous offer to see your packages Sky favorites.

So what are you waiting for? Choose from the list the Sky is most suitable to you and the correct to activate it. Remember, if proof were needed, that it is offered at the time and therefore will not be available for long. For any doubt or deepening you need, please do not hesitate to contact us via the comment box or through our page on Facebook.

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