Overwatch League: the New York Excelsior triumph in Stage 2

Published on Mar 26, 2018

The Blizzard Arena continues to be the theatre of the meetings esports more exciting, like the recent end of Phase 2 of the inaugural season of the Overwatch League, during which the New York Excelsior defeated the Philadelphia Fusion at the end of a thrilling match that brought the sold-out for the planting of Los Angeles.

The Excelsior hotel have won the best-of-five matches with a 3-2 win, taking home a bonus of $ 100,000, while the team of Philadelphia you must “settle” for $ 25,000 for the place of honor.

In the course of the end of Phase 1 of the New York Excelsior were placed second, after an exciting match in which they were before were reassembled and then finally beaten by the London Spitfire.

The three best teams of the Phase 2 met in the semi-finals and in the finals.

The semi-finals have seen the involvement of third parties classified Fusion against the seconds Spitfire, with the team of Philadelphia winning 3-2, and therefore has got the opportunity to play the final against the winners of the Excelsior.

All the teams now are enjoying a well-deserved rest until the arrival of Stage 3, the Overwatch League, which will begin on Wednesday 4 April.

At the beginning of Phase 3, each team will start again from zero and will compete again at the next final stage will be held on may 6th.

Phase 3 will see the introduction of Blizzard World in the rotation of the maps.

The general ranking of the season will apply for the purposes of the composition of the board for the playoffs.

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