Outputs the manga J-POP of October 17, 2018


Published on Oct 12, 2018


of the Kumo Kagyu, Kosuke Kurose
€ 6,50
Get the fantasy saga, dark and shocking, which will soon become an anime!
Adventurers around the world receive their missions from the Guild, which distributes tasks and manages the rewards. But, if for quests like killing dragons or arcidemoni there is a queue, no one wants to take care of the mundane goblins, creatures that haunt the woods and caves, and destroying entire villages. No one, apart from the Goblin Slayer!
Armed with sword, shield, and an endless thirst for blood, is a warrior ready to do anything to exterminate the greatest possible number of these creatures. And it will succeed, no matter what (or who) will have to sacrifice to do it.
Forget about the knights without a stain and nice witches, the Goblin Slayer is a world of violence, bloodshed, and revenge that will enchant you!

of Sui Ishida
€ 5,90
“It is the hour of the angel of Death.”
The subsoil of the district twenty-four, a wild area in the past colonized by the Ghoul with the sekigan, is celebrating the union between Kaneki and Touka, while on the surface Yoriko Kuroiwa is going to be executed for breaking the laws the anti-Ghoul. Meanwhile, the Oggai more and more similar to the personification of Death, threatening the safety of the Goat Black...

of Fujino Omori, Kunieda
€ 5,90
A tragedy of unprecedented strikes on Under Resort: the attack of Goliath! The adventurers fall one after the other in a heroic battle. Bell gives all for all, after following him serious injuries. Exceeds its limits, and brings into play all of himself...

MEDAKA BOX 14 – New Edition (22)
of NisiOisiN, Akira Akatsuki
€ 5,90
After remaining at his side for years, Zenkichi decides to oppose Medaka. Common friends are divided between the two, as it emerges also a third faction. in the meantime, in front of Zenkichi appears Kamome Tsurubami, an individual mysterious. That all of this is nothing more than a plan hatched by the Anshin'in?!

Satoshi Fukushima
€ 5,90
A robot abandoned, which is losing the memory, a girl with a request impossible, a wild and futuristic, in which under the light of the stars, anything can happen. This mini-series was heavily influenced by Akira Toriyama, Dr. Slump & Arale-chan and the first Dragon Ball, is a ride on a roller coaster pop of fun and emotions that can not leave indifferent.

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