Outputs the manga Flashbook Editions of November 2018


Published on Nov 06, 2018


In Mid-November, 2018

Mr. Nobody 1
Gou Tanabe
12 x 18, column cover with dust jacket, € 5,90
Susumu Kawai since that memory is tormented by nightmares that are distorted of the events that seem far away from his everyday life.
One day, he receives a phone call in which an unknown voice introducing himself as Mr. Nobody invites him to the former Soviet Union, promising him the truth behind his obsessions.
Decided to go to the end, Susumu agrees.

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The End Of November 2018

Natsuyuki Rendezvous 4
Haruka War
12 x 18, column cover with dust jacket, € 5,90
Rokka makes finally realize that Hazuki, who has been next so far, is none other than Shimao, her deceased husband. A meeting, their, that might upset the course of events. How will it end? Hazuki will get his body? And the heart of Rokka which direction it will take?

Oh, Poor Us! 10
of Ruri Miyahara
12 x 18, column cover with dust jacket, € 6,90
Usa and his beloved senpai have finally decided to get together. Just a step from the crown their dream of love, the poor, the Usa sees the finish line moving away more and more... as always, because of his roommates harassing friends and little collaborative!
In addition to the usual confusion of the pension Kawai there is the arrival of the editor of a famous publishing house.

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