Outputs the manga Dynit July 2018


Published on Jul 10, 2018


the original work of Makoto Shinkai, drawings of Tsubasa Yamaguchi
translation of Anna Mirror
162 pages – 14,90 Euro – single volume – 165×240 mm

"It was the beginning of spring and that day it was raining. Then she found me. That's why I'm her cat."

A kitten is abandoned in a rainy day of spring. Miyu lives alone in a small apartment.
Their roads meet and start their life together. Time passes and change with the seasons, the two protagonists get to know each other and become inseparable.

A year of unconditional love told through the eyes of the cat Epilogue, with the stretch delicate and light of Tsubasa Yamaguchi, and the poetry of Makoto Shinkai.

She and her cat is originally a short film by Makoto Shinkai, award-winning author of titles such as 5 cm per second, garden of words, and the blockbuster film your name.

The first work of the director, entirely in black-and-white, already contains some of the main themes of the film Shinkai.

of Minetaro Mochizuki
translation of Asuka Ozumi
212 pages – Euro 16,90 – volume 1 of 3 – 165×240 mm

Hashi, Hana, Mari and Hideo are four young patients of the Christiania Clinic, a health care facility engaged in the care and psychological support directed at young people suffering from neurological problems.

Hashi has nineteen years and has had a car accident and a small fragment foreign to the it is stuck in the brain. As a result, he says everything that comes to mind, without any brake or filter.

Hana has twenty-one years old and suffers from a disorder are not yet well identified that the causes orgasms involuntary and without notice, regardless of time or place.

Seas has six years old and lives in a world where there is only you, has no cognition of other human beings, unless you are inside of a screen.

Hideo is ten years old, suffers from visual and auditory hallucinations and is convinced to be superman and be able to communicate with god and with the aliens.

Who should watch over and protect these young people, proves no less bizarre, starting with the eccentric overseer Nihongi and dr. Tamaki, a young luminary of neuroscience that hides a secret...

Mochizuki, a leading exponent of the so-called new wave of the manga, with Tokyo Kaido shows a new style, more graphic, sharp lines and clean. The expedient metanarrativo of comics drawn by Hashi conveys the sense of marginality and loneliness of the protagonists in a convincing manner and never pedantic. A dynamic story of the diversity and prejudice that invites the reader to wonder what is at the bottom of the normal.


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