Outputs Panini, Marvel Italia and Disney of 2 July 2018


Published on Jul 03, 2018


As every week, also at the beginning of July, we bring you the outputs Panini, Marvel Italia, and Disney, for a summer to spend with the Ducks, Mice, the Rat-Man, Daredevil, Wolverine, Doctor Strange, the Guardians of The Galaxy, Ant-Man & The Wasp, and all the rest of the wonderful world of the heroes and not Marvel!


Weapon X 3

Authors :Greg Pak, Ibraim Roberson, Fred Van Lente € 9,90

• That the end of the Weapon H, creature, strong as the Hulk, fierce as a Wolverine?
• The new program Weapon X has generated a hybrid monster...
• it is up to the most deadly mutants in the movement find it and stop it!
• A cycle of stories full full of action and violence!

Venom 8

Authors: Khary Randolph, Iban Coello, Cullen Bunn € 3,50

• First of two parts... Venomverso!
• Venom is joining the heroes venomizzati from different worlds!
• The disturbing Poison threaten the Multiverse!
• And wait until you see the Dr. doom version of Venom!

Wolverine 360

Authors: Tom Taylor, Juan Cabal, Ibraim Roberson, And Brisson € 3,20

• Is a bad moment for Wolverine, and his clawed kin: Orphans of X, they are decimating!
• Muramasa! Him! Gabby and Jonathan! Also... the secret weapon of the X-Laura!
• What can you ask more?
• Maybe find out what trades Gorgon and the Hand have to Madripoor!

X-Men: The Resurrection of the Phoenix 1

Authors: Carlos Pacheco, Matthew Rosenberg, Leinil Francis Yu € 3,50

• The telepaths all over the world are suffering from mysterious attacks... that is linked to the return of someone?
• The atmosphere of Twin Peaks and the great epic the mutant to the X-event of the year!
• History of rising star Matthew Rosenberg, drawings of the masters Leinil F. Yu, and Carlos Pacheco!

Daredevil 82

Authors: Stefano Landini, Mike Perkins, David Marquez, Charles Soule, Brian Michael Bendis € 3,90

• Hunting the Devil! Daredevil is hunted by the police of New York city! The newly elected mayor Wilson Fisk wants to eliminate his biggest enemy!
• The return of the serial killer Muses to torment the Man without fear!
• The Defenders want to prevent the rise of a new Kingpin!
• Iron Fist and Sabretooth face the deadly Company of Snakes!

Doctor Strange 39

Authors: Gabriel Hernandez Walta, Donny C. Cates € 3,20

• There is a new Sorcerer Supreme in the city, and his name is Loki: the god asgardiano of lies and deceptions!
• Was chosen by the Vishanti, but Dr. Strange is...
• ...and back in the scene, as a superior being, capable only of tearing down the armies of Asgard!
• A new great register of the new creative team at Cates & Walta!

Marvel 2-in-1 1

Authors: Jim Cheung, Chip Zdarsky € 3,20

• Back in the comics (the most beautiful in the world! The Fantastic Four no longer exist, but two of them do not resign themselves to the idea! The hope is still alive!
• What was the end of Mister Fantastic, Invisible Woman and their children?
• The Thing and the Human Torch set off in search of missing comrades!
• A story that could give us the definitive answer on the fate of the Quartet!

The brand New Guardians of the Galaxy 9

Authors: Roland Woods, Rod Reis, Gerry Duggan € 3,20

• The return of Richard Rider aka Nova, Rocket Human!
• Revealed the great secret of Talonar of the Raptor!
• Who will be the new member of the Guardians of the Galaxy?
• The choice is between Deadpool, Dr. Strange, Man Thing, and Ant-Man!

Guardians of the Galaxy: The series telltale

Authors: Salvador Espin, Fred Van Lente € 9,90

• The prequel comic for the video game interactive!
• A robbery of the Guardians turns into a confrontation with Thanos!
• Lyrics by Fred Van Lente (Conan The Avenger), drawings of Save Espin (Deadpool: Back in Black)!
• Special appearance of Yondu and the Ravagers!

Spirits of Vengeance

Authors: Ron Garney, Len Kaminski, Howard Mackie, Andy Kubert, AA.VV.€ 37,00

• For centuries, the boundaries between the earth and the other realms of the supernatural have held up very well... but now they are weakening, with potentially disastrous consequences!
• The threat of Lilith, the Queen of Evil!
• The strange alliance of the characters from “supernatural” of Marvel comics, including Johnny Blaze, Morbius, Danny Ketch, Blade and Dr. Strange!
• A classic of the Marvel of the 90's, with an appearance of Spider-Man!

Marvel's Ant-Man & The Wasp Prelude

Writers: Will Corona Pilgrim, Chris Allen, George Pérez, David Michelinie, AA.VV. € 5,50

• For the first time, the comics adaptation of the film Marvel's Ant-Man!
• A rich selection of stories from the past comics, Scott Lang!
• Ant-Man and the Avengers against Taskmaster! A classic of the 1980's!
• The no. 1 of the recent series of Ant-Man written by Nick “Secret Empire,” Spencer!


Donald 457

Authors: AA.VV.€ 3,20

• The original “Donald duck and the swamp of the jokes”, to the lyrics of Laura and Mark Shaw and the designs of Massimo Fecchi.
• A classic “professional”: “Donald duck the sailor to strength” , written by Alessandro Sisti, and drawings by Alessandro Gottardo.
• An adventure “commercial“: “Donald duck and doughnuts abnormal”, written by Rodolfo Cimino and drawn by Tiberio Colantuoni.

Mickey Superstar

Authors: AA.VV.€ 5,90

• Great stories for a great pair of comic strips: Mickey mouse and his friend the future of Beta Eta!
• Three adventures “star” written by Fabio Michelini and drawn by Massimo De Vita: “Mickey mouse and the comet Beta”, “Mickey mouse & the Eta Beta and cometa Teta”, “Mickey mouse & the Eta Beta and the tail of the comets”.
• Unexpected romance in “Beta Eta and the crush star”, written and drawn by Marco Gervasio.

Mickey mouse 3267

The Yellow Mickey mouse 13

Authors: AA.VV.€ 3,70

The adventures of “yellow” of the investigator by the large ears, with games and articles from the world of crime fiction.
• The case of the month, written by Alfredo Saio, and Andreina Repetto for the pencils by Sergio Asteriti: “Mickey mouse and the mystery of the clocks out of tune”.
• Basettoni and Throttle thieves? “Eta Beta and the quirks of the Zombies”, written by Guido Martina and drawn by Luciano Gatto.

100% holiday with Donald duck & C.

Authors: AA.VV.€ 6,00

• Return the necklace is 100% with a new volume of stories of Mice, and Ducks, all dedicated to the holidays!
• An unlikely couple in “Gambadilegno and the Throttle travel companions”, written by Antonella Pandini for the designs of Sergio Asteriti.
• A great classic written by Jerry Siegel and drawn by Romano Scarpa: “Uncle Scrooge and the journey into the country-that-not-there”.

Duck 19

Authors: AA.VV.€ 3,90

• An unpublished story, written by Gabriele Mazzoleni and designed by Stefano Zanchi: “phantom Duck and the count of the buzzurri”.
• A long, historical adventure written by Guido Martina, for the pencil of Massimo De Vita: “phantom Duck and the outrageous suspicion.”
• “Phantom duck and the volcano pollutes-pancakes”, the story guest written by Francesco Monteforte Bianchi for the designs of Graziano Barbaro.

WITCH Art Edition 2

Authors: AA.VV.€ 9,90

• Will, Irma, Taranee, Cornelia and Hay Lin, thanks to the jewel called the Heart of Kandrakar, they have powers related to nature and can transform into magical creatures!
• Mirka Andolfo, historical fan of the series and today the great artist, has created the new covers for a new edition of the adventures of the magical girls from Heatherfield.
• Three other stories for a collection of four volumes of the classic adventures of W. I. T. C. H., made unique by the artwork modular backs.

Infinity 8 3 The Gospel according to Emma

Authors: Lewis Trondheim, Olivier Balez € 10,00

Reboot the bloody heart of the Infinity 8: the third ring of time is thrown by the captain to investigate a mysterious anomaly that is blocking his ship is going to turn into a massacre! The very ambivalent (and sexy) Marshal Emma O'mara will be guided by the higher interests? In the program of this third episode: psychohacking, God in person, 350 changes of dress and a few billion suicides.

The Rat-Man Gigante 53

Authors: Leo Ortolani € 2,50

The Rat-Man and his world continue to go to pieces, but it can't rain forever. There is also the hail. And after the hail you collect the shards. Behold, here it begins to pick up the pieces.

Spawn 150

Authors: Todd McFarlane, AA.VV € 8,90




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