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Published on Sep 13, 2019


price: € 4.20

Captain America 10 – Captain America 114
price € 2,00
Authors Adam Kubert, Ta-Nehisi Coates
Pages 24 pp; Size 17X26;
Contains Captain America #12
Binding Stapled; Interior Color
• Captain of Nothing, part 4: Steve Rogers, the man most hated in America!
• The Invisible Woman in the Myrmidon, where Von fury took the rear “sees everything”!
• A duel you cannot win!
• Who is the “Dryad”?

Deadpool Collection 10 – Deadpool & Cable – Public Danger
price € 27,00
Authors Patrick Zircher, Fabian Nicieza
Pages 288 pp Format 17X26
Contains Cable & Deadpool (2004) #13/26
Binding Hardback; Interior Color
• A murder on the island utopia of Cable, Providence, and attracts the best detective in the world... Deadpool!
• Someone takes the trouble to do the washing up to Wade to make it a killer ruthless... there was really a need?
• Deadpool goes in search of a hard drive which would make it the master of the world, the Cable keeps an eye on...
• The classic adventures of the pair of anti-heroes the most famous of Marvel comics, with special guests the likes of Spider-Man, Luke Cage and Iron Fist!

Universe Marvel: War of Kingdoms 1 – the Marvel mini-Series 222
price € 3,50
Writers Jason Aaron, Russell Dauterman
Pages 48 pp; Size 17X26
Contains War of the Realms #1
Binding Column with dust jacket; Interior Color
• Is war! The creatures of the myths norse invade the Earth!
• The evil Malekith unleashes its attack on Midgard! But where is Thor?
• The fate of Loki and Odin, the defense of the Avengers and the return of Wolverine to the side of the ancient allies!
• After years of waiting to debut the epic saga of Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman!

Amazing Spider-Man 21 – The Spider-Man 730
price € 3,90
Authors Humberto Ramos, Nick Spencer, Gerardo Sandoval, Cory Smith, AA.VV.
Pages 80 pp; Size 17X26
Contains Amazing Spider-Man #20.HU/21/22
Binding Stapled; Interior Color
• The grand finale of Prey with Kraven and his evil ally Arcade!
• Spotlight on the threat the winged... the Vulture!
• The return of a disturbing opponent!
• A register of upsetting dedicated to fans of The last hunt of Kraven!

Age of X-Man – The amazing Nightcrawler
price € 10,90
Authors Seanan McGuire, AA.VV.
Pages 112 pp; Size 17X26
Contains Age of X-Man: The Amazing Nightcrawler #1/5
Binding Column; Interior Color
• Continues Age of X-Man, the X-Man, and this time the spotlight is on the super star of the movie Kurt Wagner: Nightcrawler!
• But the life of the star is not all roses and flowers... if Lady Mastermind is your boss!
• Also: Meggan, Mystique, Jean and a slew of other familiar faces!
• Action, romantic stories and battles of the underworld, designed by the award-winning writer of science fiction Seanan McGuire!

Avengers 11 – Avengers 115
price € 3,50
Writers Jason Aaron, Tomm Coker, Greg Pak, And McGuinness
Pages 48 pp; Size 17X26
Contains Avengers #18, Marvel Comics Presents #1
Binding Stapled; Interior Color
• The War of the Kingdoms in America!
• The Squadron Supreme of America goes into action!
• The early years of Marvel: day of the bomb, with Death!
• Captain America instructor and stuntman for a day!

Marvel Legends 23 – New X-Men 114
price € 5,99
Authors Grant Morrison, Frank Quitely
Pages 24 pp; Size 17X26
Contains New X-Men (1991) #114
Binding Stapled; Interior Color
• The rebirth of the myth of the X-Men for 2000 years!
• A comic book of the authors british of All Star Superman and WE3!
• The debut of Cassandra Nova... Xavier!
• The historic cover on a metal plate!

Deadpool 21 – Deadpool 140
price € 3,50
Authors Scott Hepburn, Skottie Young, Jim Towe, Robbie Thompson
Pages 48 pp; Size 17X26
Contains Deadpool (2018) #10, Spider-Man/Deadpool #45
Binding Stapled; Interior Color
• The return of the vigilante dark. (Not that one, another one!)
• Years ago, a man killed his parents and now he has become a vigilante.
• But that man was Deadpool, and this Knight Vengeful is very angry with him...
• In the Negative Zone, Blastaar has under his control Wade and Spider-Man are a pain!

Tony Stark: Iron Man 11 – Iron Man 75
price € 2,00
Authors Valerio Schiti, Dan Slott, Jim Zub
Pages 24 pp; Size 17X26
Contains Tony Stark: Iron Man #11
Binding Stapled; Interior Color
• Iron Man to the rescue, in the virtual reality and the real!
• Birth and the end of the armature Godkiller, the most powerful ever!
• What is with Arno Stark and Sunset Bain?
• The grand finale of the Stark Reality!

Thor 12 – Thor 245
price € 2,00
Writers Jason Aaron, Mike Del Mundo
Pages 24 pp; Size 17X26
Contains Thor #12
Binding Stapled; Interior Color
• The War of the Kingdoms is raging; but Loki has issues... digestion!
• In the belly of the father Laufey, the king of the Giants of Ice, the god of deceit filosofeggia with versions of himself in the past and the future...
• That has come, this time, the true end of Loki?
• One who has stabbed in the back, his mom deserves, but this is Loki and his actions always have a sense of oblique!

Avengers: No Return 5
price € 3,50
Authors Paco Medina, Mark Waid, Jim Zub, Carlo Barberi, At The Ewing
Pages 48 pp; Size 17X26
Contains Avengers: No Road Home (2019) #7/8
Binding Stapled; Interior Color
• Conan has arrived in the Marvel Universe... but which side will he take?
• Spectrum takes the initiative, but Nyx might be too powerful even for her!
• An Avenger will face the ultimate test...
• ...and an Avenger will fall!

Marvel Complete The Amazing X-Men 9 – Marvel Full X-Men 9
price € 4,90
Authors Chris Claremont, John Byrne
Pages 96 pp; Size 16X21
Contains X-Men (1963) #128/132
Binding Column; Interior Color
• The final of the saga of Proteus!
• ...and approaching the Saga of the Phoenix Black!
• A tremendous sacrifice will mark the X-Men and Moira MacTaggart... forever!
• One of the peaks of the quality of the celebrated management of Claremont & Byrne!

Asterix the Gallic – Deluxe Edition
price € 34,00
Authors Albert Uderzo, René Goscinny
Pages 128 pp Format 25.7X36.5
Contains Asterix the Gallic, extra content
Binding Hardback; Interior Color
Deluxe edition for the first issue of the comic book French the most famous ever! The ambitious centurion of the roman camp of Petibonum, Caius Bonus, send a legionary in the village of the indomitable Gauls to discover the secret of their strength. Discovered that the key to the invincibility of the Gauls, there is the magic potion of the druid Panoramix, the centurion does kidnap for estorcergli the precious secret!

Star Wars 51
price € 3,50
The Authors Salvador Larroca, Kieron Gillen, Charles Soule, Angel Unzueta
Pages 48 pp; Size 17X26
Contains Star Wars #49, Poe Dameron #26
Binding Stapled; Interior Color
The rebellion broke out on the Mon Cala and the Rebel Alliance must defend at all costs the water planet from the retaliation of the Empire! And then Poe Dameron tells of the events not seen on the big screen in The awakening of the Force.

Shaolin Cowboy – Start Trek
Panini Comics 100% HD
price € 24,00
Authors Geoff Darrow
192 pages pp; Size 17X26
Contains Shaolin Cowboy – Start Trek TPB
Binding Hardback; Interior Color
In the beginning was the Shaolin Cowboy! In this volume are collected the first adventures “independent” of the hero created by Portela Darrow. In a desert burning, arid, a mysterious Shaolin monk and his verbose experience ass they are being chased by an army of fierce enemies... and the result will be, as usual, explosive!

Marvel Knights – The return of the Knights Marvel
price € 19,00
The authors Travel Foreman, Matthew Rosenberg, Donny C. Cates, AA.VV.
Pages 160 pp; Size 17X26
Contains Marvel Knights 20th #1/6
Binding Hardback; Interior Color
• The twentieth anniversary of the Marvel Knights Joe Quesada!
• A new start for Daredevil, Punisher, Elektra, and Black Panther!
• A new generation of authors, led by Cates and Rosenberg...
• celebrate the brave Knights Marvel!

price: € 10.90
For all of you ninja, here's a new issue of the magazine of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Inside you will find stories full of action, games to hone your ninja skills and fantastic extra! In addition, an engrossing story where the Turtles are involved in a race against time, and against the Kraang. So what are you waiting for?! Hajime!

LEGO Friends 19 – Panini Friends 23
price € 4,90
Authors: AA.VV.; Pages 32 pp; 21X28
Contains The miniset LEGO FRIENDS!
Binding Stapled; Interior Color
A fantastic journey in the town of Heartlake City, where you can meet friends mini-doll, Andrea, Emma, Mia, Olivia and Stephanie




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