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Published on Feb 11, 2020


Nextwave: Agents of H. A. T. E. – Marvel Deluxe
Price € 28,00
Authors Stuart Immonen, Warren Ellis
Pages 296 pp; Size 18.3X27.7
Contains NextWave – Agents of H. A. T. E. (2006) #1/12
Binding Hardback; Interior Color
• A new group of heroes faces in the Marvel world with a precise strategy... beat the strongest of the bad guys!
• The acclaimed mini-series of 12 numbers that has redefined the graphic style of the super heroes of the twenty-first century!
• Cameo appearance of Fin Fang Foom, Broccoli Men, Ultra Samurai, and Without a Mind!
• From the team of Warren Ellis (Thor) and Stuart Immonen (the Incredible Hulk), a mix of action, humor, and mastery in the storytelling!

Price € 12,00
Authors And Brisson, AA.VV.
Pages 112 pp; Size 17X26
Contains Contagion #1/5
Binding Column; Interior Color
• A danger incredible and unexpected has reached the Earth!
• An unknown substance-free heroes and civilians of their vital force...
• ...and the science and the magic can't stop it!
• All of the heroes of New York city must unite to save humanity!

Black Widow 1 – Game Without Rules (Marvel Collection)
Price € 16,00
Authors Flaviano Armentaro, AA.VV.
Pages 112 pp; Size 17X26
Contains Black Widow (2019) #1/5
Binding Hardback; Interior Color
• Natasha Romanoff is back! And it is very, very angry.
• The ex-killer of the KGB, ex-agent of S. H. I. E. L. D. and, sometimes, Avenger is back from the dead, after being killed by Steve Rogers of evil Secret Empire.
• The Red Room has touch the foot, but Natasha is no longer the one we knew. And now he has to face a life to rebuild.
• Waiting for the miniseries, designed by the talented Italian Flaviano (I Am Groot) and written by the sisters Soska, producers, directors and sceneggiatrici horror movie!

Thanos – The First Sanctuary (Marvel Collection)
Price € 17,00
Authors Tini Howard, Ariel Olivetti
Pages 144 pp; Size 17X26
Contains Thanos #1/6
Binding Hardback; Interior Color
• We have discovered Thanos comics and movies, but there is a version that we have not yet heard: that of her daughter's Nature.
• Thanos is dead by the hand of his daughter, but how did their relationship?
• It was Thanos that make Nature what it is, or she is always been the most lethal assassin in the galaxy?
• The miniseries beautifully illustrated by Ariel Olivetti (Death of the Inhumans, the Punisher).

Amazing Spider-Man 31 – Spider-Man 740
Price € 5,00
Authors Ken either the lashley, Todd doll (t costume), Tom Taylor, Ig Guara, AA.VV.
Pages 48 pp; Size 17X26
Contains Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man (2019) #13/14
Binding Stapled; Interior Color
• Almost simultaneously with the USA in the grand final of the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man!
• Spidey and the Fantastic Four in the footsteps of the Under-Yorkers!
• The throbbing conclusion of the maxiserie of the writer of All-New Wolverine!
• The designs of the author of Excalibur and X-Men: Gold!

Avengers 16 – Avengers 120
Price € 6,00
Writers Jason Aaron, Stefano Caselli
Pages 56 pp; Size 17X26
Contains Avengers #24, Absolute Carnage: Simbyote of Vengeance
Binding Stapled; Interior Color
• The race of the Ghost Rider to the finish line!
• The mission of Robbie Reyes beat Johnny Blaze, the King of Hell!
• The Avengers against Frank Castle, the Ghost Rider cosmic!
• Absolute Carnage continues here! Special guest: the Symbiont of the Revenge!

X-Men 1 – The Amazing X-Men 362
Price € 5,00
Authors Jonathan Hickman, Leinil Francis Yu
Pages 48 pp; Size 17X26
Contains X-Men (2020) #1
Binding Saddle-Stitched; Interior Color
• With the House of X and Powers of X Jonathan Hickman has opened a new era for the mutants of Marvel, a new dawn that lights up with the Dawn of X!
• The first new title is X-Men, written by Hickman and drawn by Leinil Francis Yu!
• The newly formed nation mutant moves against his new opponents...
• ...and the family Summers meets in full!

Tony Stark: Iron Man 16 – Iron Man 80
Price € 3,00
Authors Dan Slott, Francesco Manna, The Christos Gage
Pages 24 pp; Size 17X26
Contains Tony Stark: Iron Man #17
Binding Stapled; Interior Color
• The floor of Ultron Pym revealed!
• The hybrid Vision – Wonder Man!
• Humanity cyborgizzata!
• Iron Man and the family of Ultron Pym!

Absolute Carnage 2 – Marvel Miniseries 228
With Covers On Regular or Cover B made by Zerocalcare
Price € 6,00
Writers Donny Cates, Ryan Stegman
Pages 56 pp; Size 17X26
Contains Absolute Carnage (2019) #2/3
Binding Stapled; Interior Color
• The terrifying crossover Venom/Carnage/Spider-Man, continues here!
• The violence of the Carnage in New York city causes unexpected collateral damage!
• And if you increase the allies of the Carnage, what can the heroes?
• Also available the Cover B made by Zerocalcare!

Thor 17 – Thor 250
Price € 3,00
Authors Esad Ribic, Jason Aaron
Pages 24 pp; Size 17X26
Contains King Thor #1
Binding Stapled; Interior Color
• The last time Jason Aaron!
• The first episode of the final, the divine saga final of the Thunder King! Drawings of Esad Ribic!
• The last days of Thor, the Father of All?
• The old enemy rises again: the Forum Loki!

Captain America 15 – Captain America 119
Price € 3,00
The Authors Ta-Nehisi Coates, Jason Masters
Pages 24 pp; Size 17X26
Contains Captain America #15
Binding Stapled; Interior Color
• The Legend of Steve part 3: continued the mission of Steve Rogers to redeem the good name of Captain america!
• With Jessica Drew, alias Spider-Woman, hires an old enemy...
• ...decided to contaminate the water reserves of a large inhabited area.
• Very strained comparison between Steve and Sharon!

Deadpool 31 – Deadpool 150
Price € 5,00
Authors Frank Tieri, AA.VV.
Pages 48 pp; Size 17X26
Contains Absolute Carnage vs. Deadpool #1/2
Binding Stapled; Interior Color
• Absolute Carnage continues here!
• Deadpool was interned in Ravencroft, but it is coming a new psychiatric patient: Carnage!
• And is not here for group therapy.
• This number Tells becomes monthly!

Marvel Complete The Amazing X-Men 14 – Marvel Full X-Men
Price € 4,90
Authors Chris Claremont, Dave Cockrum
Pages 96 pp; Size 16X21
Contains X-Men (1963) #146/149
Binding Column; Interior Color
• Large and fearsome returns!
• The final battle against Dr. Destiny and the return of Garrokk, the god of the Earth, Wild!
• Return To Dazzler, Havok & Polaris! The guest of honor... Spider-Woman!
• We form again the couple that has reinvented the X-Men: Chris Claremont & Dave Cockrum!

Marvel Comics 1001
Price € 3,00
Authors: AA.VV.
Pages 32 pp; Size 17X26
Contains Marvel Comics (2019) #1001
Binding Stapled; Interior Color
• The biggest adventure Marvel continues here!
• Who is the new character, the origins of which lie deep in the past of the House of Ideas?
• A story is too large to be included in a single special, with too many big authors, eager to celebrate the 80 years of the House of Ideas.
• And so Marvel Comics after 1000 is 1001, with another roll of celebration that will provide new information on the Mask of Eternity and its current owner.

Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider 2
Price € 14,00
Authors Seanan McGuire, Takeshi Miyazawa
Pages 136 pp; Size 17X26
Contains Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider (2019) #5/10
Binding Column; Interior Color
• The first cycle of the Ghost Spider ends here! But why is it called that?
• Now that the secret identity of Gwen Stacy has been unveiled, what will become of his life?
• A special appearance of Spider-Man!
• By the author of X-Men: Black and artist of Runaways!

The Project Marvels
Price € 26,00
Authors Ed Brubaker, Steve Epting
Pages 224 pp; Size 17X26
Contains The Marvels Project (2009) #1/8
Binding Hardback; Interior Color
• From the pages of MARVELS, a complete saga that delves into the war of the Marvels.
• The first super heroes of the Golden Age start to appear, between plots the nazis and... the Living Legends!
• By the amazing and award-winning team of Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting, creators of Captain America

Sharkey, the Bounty Hunter – Millarworld Collection
Price € 20,00
Authors Mark Millar, Simone Bianchi
Pages 168 pp; Size 17X26
Contains Sharkey, The Bounty Hunter #1/6
Binding Hardback; Interior Color
From the genius of Mark Millar, a new science fiction story guncotton signed by the superstar Italian Simone Bianchi! Sharkey is a bounty hunter, a workman who keeps hunting for criminals around the galaxy at the edge of his ice cream truck converted. His shoulder is a ten-year old boy and together they search for the most big cut of their career, one that could change their life. But things are about to get very bad!

Rick and honor of his wedding 6
Price € 13,00
Authors CJ Cannon, AA.VV.
Pages 128 pp; Size 17X26
Contains Rick and honor of his wedding #26/30




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