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Published on Dec 18, 2019


It renews the appointment with the reporting of the outputs of the editorial group.

Spider-Man 14 – Marvel Masterworks
Price € 25,00
Authors Ross Andru, Gerry Conway, AA.VV.
Pages 256 pp; Size 17X26
Contains Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #132-142, Giant-Size Super-Heroes (1974) #1
Binding Hardback with dust jacket; Interior Color
• Straight from the archives of Marvel comics, the return of the green Goblin!
• The mental health of Harry Osborn seems to be forever compromised, and now the young man is ready to wear the evil shoes that were his father's.
• How can Peter Parker defeat an opponent who is also his best friend?
• Also: Molten, Mysterio, Grizzly, and the debut of Tarantula, the return of the Punisher, and much more in an unmissable collection of stories about the lively 70's.

Amazing Spider-Man 28 – Spider-Man 737
Price € 3,50
Authors Ken Either The Lashley, Tom Taylor
Pages 48 pp; Size 17X26
Contains Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man (2019) #7/8
Binding Stapled; Interior Color
• Returns the friendly Spider-Man of the district, Tom Taylor!
• The beginning of a new saga with the designs of Ken either the lashley (X-Men, Black Panther)!
• The return of the Prowler!
• A new, ominous threat from the past of Rumor!

Savage Avengers 3
Price € 2,00
Authors Mike Deodato Jr., Gerry Duggan
Pages 24 pp; Size 17X26
Contains Savage Avengers (2019) #3
Binding Stapled; Interior Color
• To kill a god!
• To save the Earth the Savage Avengers will have to contend with a deity, an ancestral blood thirsty.
• Will succeed, but the heroes are so different, to act as a team, or their strong personalities will be their ruin?
• Meanwhile, Conan wields a new “sword of the wild”!

The Immortal Hulk 18 – Hulk and the Defenders 61
Price € 2,00
Authors Joe Bennett, Al Ewing
Pages 24 pp; Size 17X26
Contains the Immortal Hulk (vol. 1) #19
Binding Stapled; Interior Color
• A threat looming over Bruce Banner! A threat that can find it wherever you hide! Something that will never cease to hunt him down!
• Has a friendly face, but exudes hatred and greed from every single pore!
• The new Abomination, and the Harpy devour the living, the Immortal Hulk!
• The horror, there is never an end!

Captain Marvel 9
Price € 2,00
Authors Kelly Thompson, Carmen Nunez Carnero
Pages 24 pp; Size 17X26
Contains Captain Marvel (2019) #8
Binding Stapled; Interior Color
• Captain Marvel: heroine or threat?
• Carol Danvers is one of the members of the Avengers as the most loved and famous... or, better to say, it was.
• Already, because now that his legacy Kree came to light, public opinion has turned back.
• While his powers seem to come less, that, behold, a new champion is ready to take his place. Hard times, eh, Carol?

Deadpool 28 – Deadpool 147
Price € 2,50
Authors Robbie Thompson, Matt Horak, Jim Towe
Pages 32 pp; Size 17X26
Contains Spider-Man/Deadpool #50
Binding Stapled; Interior Color
• The Manipulator against Deadpool and Spider-Man for the fate of the Marvel Universe!
• Between cartoon and reality and fights the final battle!
• The conclusion to amazing series Spider-Man/ Deadpool...
• an unmissable episode extrasize.

Fantastic Four 13 – Fantastic Four 398
Price € 3,50
Writers Dan Slott, Mark Waid, Mattia De Iulis, Sean Izaakse
Pages 48 pp; Size 17X26
Contains Fantastic Four (vol. 6) #13
Binding Stapled; Interior Color
• The fateful moment has come. The Thing is going to be annihilated by the Immortal Hulk! The battle of the century reaches its ferocious epilogue!
• The honeymoon between Ben and Alicia is going to end tragically!
• The Puppet master will take his revenge against his hated son-in-law?
• Here comes the series of the Invisible Woman with the revelations about his past!

House of X 4 – The Amazing X-Men 359
Price € 3,00
Authors Jonathan Hickman, Pepe Larraz
Pages 40 pp; Size 17X26
Contains House of X #4
Binding Stapled; Interior Color
• The revolution mutant Hickman continues as a weekly... before a brief break for the christmas!
• The action is so hard-fought that... we do not dare to anticipate anything to not spoil the surprises!
• Follows the events on the House of X #3 and continue on Powers of X #4!
• Seventh round with the saga mutant the most important of the year!

Marvel Complete Spider-Man Todd McFarlane 1
Price € 4,90
Authors Todd McFarlane, David Michelinie
Pages 96 pp; Size 16X21
Contains Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #296-299
Binding Column; Interior Color
• The great return of the Spider-Man Todd McFarlane!
• The complete cycle on the Spidey of the canadian author, with the arrival of Venom!
• A revolution in graphics with a few illustrious precedents...
• The classic Eighties that has captured thousands of fans!

Venom 17 – Venom 34
Price € 2,00
Authors Juan Gedeon, Donny Cates
Pages 24 pp; Size 17X26
Contains Venom (2018) #16
Binding Stapled; Interior Color
• Returns Donny Cates and Eddie Brock gone are the happy times (!) de The war of the Kingdoms!
• Always free of the symbiont, Brock looks for a new dimension with his son Dylan.
• But without powers, how will Eddie cope, the Cult of Carnage?
• Drawings of the guest, Juan Gedeon (Ghost Racers, Zhia Malen).

Wolverine 69 – Wolverine 395
Price € 3,50
Authors Mike Henderson, And Brisson
Pages 48 pp; Size 17X26
Contains Dead Man Logan #7/8
Binding Stapled; Interior Color
• Everything is done and now our Old man Logan should just go back to his era of origin, to rest in peace.
• But the machinery designed by Forge to succeed in the enterprise?
• And even if it were... Logan will truly be able to rest in peace?
• The final adventure of the Old Logan backs around the mark!

Guardians of the Galaxy 6 – Guardians of the Galaxy 80
Price € 3,90
Authors John McCrea, Geaoff Shaw, Donny Cates, Al Ewing, AA.VV.
Pages 56 pp; Size 17X26
Contains Guardians of the Galaxy (2019) #6, Guardians of the Galaxy Annual (2019) #1
Binding Stapled; Interior Color
• A special issue 56 pages with a beginning and an end for our heroes!
• The conclusion of The final battle, and the fate of Thanos!
• What happened to the heroes ended up in the black hole opened by the minions of Hela?
• Four short stories interconnected with Nova, Darkhawk, Warlock, Quasar and Cosmo!

Miles Morales: Spider-Man 4
Price € 3,50
Authors Javier Garron, Saladin Ahmed, Alitha Martinez, AA.VV.
Pages 48 pp; Size 17X26
Contains Miles Morales: Spider-Man (2019) #7/8
Binding Stapled; Interior Color
• The beginning of a new saga more scary than you think!
• A day in the lives of all the people you care about to the young Tessiragnatele!
• A jam session in the arts which will surprise you!
• The covers of Patrick O'keefe, the art director of Spider-Man: A new universe.

X-Force 2 – The False King
Price € 10,90
Authors Dylan Burnett, Ed Brisson, Damian Couceiro
Pages 112 pp; Size 17X26
Contains X-Force (2018) #6/10
Binding Column; Interior Color
• The return of X-Force, Cable and their worst enemy: Fires!
• Also: the fate of Rachel Grey and Deathlock!
• History of Ed Brisson (Extermination), and drawings by Dylan Burnett (Cosmic Ghost Rider) and Damian Couceiro (Weapon H!

The Sword Savage Conan 5
Price € 3,50
Authors Patrick Zircher, Jim Zub
Pages 48 pp; Size 17X26
Contains Savage Sword of Conan (2019) #8/9
Binding Stapled; Interior Color
• Continue the new color version of the historical journal of the Cimmero!
• Ends the trilogy Conan the player!
• The texts of the writer of the Champions and drawings by the author Deadpool and Cable!
• In the city of Shadizar, the Perverse, Conan plays a game of cards unforgettable!

Hulk by Bruce Jones 2 – the Breaking Point
Price € 42,00
Authors Mike Deodato Jr., Leandro Fernandez, Doug Braithwaite, Darick Robertson, Bruce Jones
Pages 552 pp; Size 17X26
Contains The Incredible Hulk (2000) #55/76
Binding Hardback; Interior Color
• Bruce Banner, on the run from the authorities after an accident in which you killed an innocent, it is entangled in a mysterious conspiracy...
• The conclusion of one of the cycles most beloved, thesis and controversial Goliath Green!
• Horror atmospheres for a kind of precursor to the spiritual of the Immortal Hulk!
• A dream team formed by Bruce Jones and illustrators Leandro Fernández, Mike Deodato Jr., Doug Braithwaite and Darick Robertson!

Major X – Who is Major X?
Price € 20,00
Authors Rob Liefeld, Whilce Portacio, Damian Couceiro
Pages 168 pp; Size 17X26
Contains Major X (2019) #0/6
Binding Hardback; Interior Color
• Liefeld expands the mythology of the mutant with the exciting new characters!
• Guests of honor: Cable and Wolverine!
• Who is Major X? What is its link with the X-Men? And who is... Dreadpool?!




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