Outputs Panini Marvel Italia & Disney on April 23, 2020


Published on Apr 23, 2020


Wolverine 75 – Wolverine 401
Price € 3,00
Authors Fabiano Neves, Ethan Sacks
Pages 32 pp; Size 17X26
Contains Wolverine & Captain America: Weapon Plus #1
Binding Stapled; Interior Color
• What is it that unites Captain America and Wolverine? The answer is simple: a knowledge of old date, and... the Project ' Weapon Plus!
• Finally revealed the identity of some super-soldiers of the past!
• The first brick of a saga developed by Ethan Sacks that scoperchierà the Weapon Plus!
• Also: the return of being a mutant thief, and E. V. A.!

Star Rats: Star 2 – The World of the Rat Man
Price € 3,00
Authors Leo Ortolani
Pages 32 pp; Size 18X26; Binding Stapled; Interior White and Black
• The Rat-man was the only one able to prevent the return of Evil and of the Supreme Loden... will a young orphan to stop him?
• The second part of the new series of Star Rats!
• A great new character!
• A new classic Leo Ortolani!

LEGO City 13 – Sandwiches, Tech 16
Price € 5,90
Authors: AA.VV.
Pages 32 pp; 21X28
Contains minifigures Lego® Miner!
Binding Stapled; Interior Color
Hands up, this is not a tutorial! Is the brand new... Lego® City™! Is coming in the brand new magazine of the family Lego®, dedicated to one of brick's most famous ever. Each number will be dedicated to one of the characters in the series, with games, pages of comics, puzzles to solve, posters, and much more. In the first output, a gift just for you, the policeman, Lego® the official: help him to resolve the investigation by completing the games and puzzles contained in the magazine. Objective: catch the thief! It is a whole new town to live and discover the Lego® City™, what are you waiting for?

Disney Big 145
Price € 6,00
Authors: AA.VV.
Pages 416 pp; Size 12.5X18.5; Binding Column; Interior Color
• Also on the Big 145 continue the four themes that “guide” the choice of stories.
• Opens the volume as A uniform for Mickey, in which Mickey mouse will be measured with the career of the policeman in uniform.

Price € 5,00
Authors: AA.VV.
192 pages pp; Size 14.5X19.5; Binding Column; Interior Color
Great bike adventures for lovers of two wheels! Among others, Donald duck in the Giro d'italia, the long adventure – 70 tables of history – signed by Sergio Badino for the screenplay and Alessandro Gottardo, Carlo Limido, Marco Meloni, and Silvia Ziche for pencils and Uncle Scrooge and the centenary of the 100 bike, signed by Massimo Marconi.

Mickey mouse 3361
Price € 3,00
Authors: AA.VV.
Pages 160 pp; Format 13.9X18.6; The Binding Column; Interior Color
Discover the adventures of your favorite characters in the weekly comic's most famous ever!

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