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Published on Dec 04, 2019


Back to the appointment with the reporting of the outputs of the publishing house.

The Defenders 1 – Marvel Masterworks
Price € 27,00
Authors Roy Thomas, Steve Englehart, Ross Andru, Sal Buscema, AA.VV.
Pages 256 pp; Size 17X26
Contains Sub-Mariner #34/35, Marvel Feature vol. 1 # 1/3, Defenders vol 1 #1-/6
Binding Hardback with dust jacket; Interior Color
When the evil threatens to strike, the Doctor Strange, Marvel, and Silver Surfer together. In the now classical Masterworks, the definitive edition of the first episodes of the most famous “non-group” of the history of comic books written by Roy Thomas and Steve Englehart for the illustrations by Sal Buscema and Ross Andru. In addition, in a prelude to the war, the Defenders/Avengers, the epic crossover with the Mighty Avengers in a fight between heroes such as never was seen before!

The Magnificent Ms. Marvel 1 – Predestined
Price € 17,00
Authors Saladin Ahmed, Minkyu Jung
Pages 136 pp; Size 17X26
Contains The Magnificent Ms. Marvel (2019) #1/6
Binding Hardback; Interior Color
• The return of the most beloved among the young Heroines of the House of Ideas!
• A new threat hovers over Jersey City, one of an alien invasion.
• But how come the aliens seem to be so interested in Ms. Marvel... and his family?
• Saladin Ahmed (winner of an Eisner Award for Black Arrow) and rising star Minkyu Jung (Nightwing, Batgirl) ushered in a new, spectacular chapter in the life of Kamala Khan.

Daredevil 6 – Devil e i Cavalieri Marvel 99
Price € 2,00
The authors, Chip Zdarsky, AA.VV.
Pages 24 pp; Size 17X26
Contains Daredevil (vol. 6) #6
Binding Stapled; Interior Color
• Daredevil is gone! Hell's Kitchen has lost its Guardian Devil! In his absence, the true demons of the neighbourhood and the metropolis begin to emerge!
• A mysterious woman makes an appearance in the life of Matt Murdock!
• The detective Cole North falls victim to an ambush!
• Meanwhile, Wilson Fisk wants to return to the command of the organised crime NY!

Powers of X 3 – The Amazing X-Men 358
Price € 3,00
Authors Jonathan Hickman, Rubens Bernardino Silva
Pages 40 pp; Size 17X26
Contains Powers of X #3
Binding Stapled; Interior Color
• The revolution mutant continues as a weekly, and a history landmark!
• The last move of the new mutant level Omega!
• With the Horsemen of the Apocalypse for the future!
• Continues from the Powers of X #2 and will continue next month on House of X #3!

Wolverine 68 – Wolverine 394
Price € 2,00
The Authors, Gerry Duggan, Andy MacDonald
Pages 24 pp; Size 17X26
Contains Wolverine: The Infinity Watch #5
Binding Stapled; Interior Color
• Continue the adventure in the space of the pair the most unlikely of always, Wolverine, and Loki... and so far the marriage has not worked very much.
• Their objective, save Hector Bautista, is ever more distant.
• But who is Hector Bautista, and why he was condemned to death?
• Guest of honour: the inimitable and adorable Bats, the doggie ghost!

Doctor Strange 16 – Doctor Strange 59
Price € 2,00
Authors Scott Koblish, Mark Waid, Barry Kitson
Pages 24 pp; Size 17X26
Contains Doctor Strange (2018) #16 (406)
Binding Stapled; Interior Color
• All (but all) against Galactus and the result is not at all obvious, between the dead excellent, heralds crushed and a Clea adoring!
• When the Devourer of worlds has entered into the realms of magic, the Created is not more secure!
• But Dr. Strange has a plan. Will it work? And what's the price?

Price € 9,90
Authors Greg Pak, Ario Anindito
Pages 104 pp; Size 17X26
Contains Hulkverines #1/3
Binding Column; Interior Color
• Punches and claws in a clash of the century!
• The hybrid between the Hulk and Wolverine, Weapon H, he faces his two “fathers”!
• The back of the Head, Wolverine and the Hulk as you've never seen them, and the fate of Weapon H!
• A new, memorable saga from the author of World War Hulk and Planet Hulk!

Wolverine 10 – Wolverine against Sabretooth
Price € 25,00
Authors Matteo Lolli, Jacopo Camagni, Scott Koblish, Gerry Duggan, David Walker, Charles Soule
Pages 232 pp; Size 17X26
Contains Deadpool (2015) #8/13 & Deadpool: Last Days Of Magic #1
Binding Hardback; Interior Color
• The fate of the parents of Wade!
• Deadpool is convinced that it was Sabretooth to kill them... and is ready to make them pay!
• A massacre that can happen only between two beings in possession of a healing factor. But there is really nothing that can kill the two contenders?
• In addition, a crossover in the manner of Deadpool with Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Daredevil!

The Rat-Man Giant 70
Price € 3,00
Authors Leo Ortolani
Pages 64 pp; Size 20X27.5
Contains The fourth and last part of the saga of the legendary secret weapon!The fourth and last part of the saga of the legendary secret weapon!
Binding Stapled; Interior White and Black
The Time has come, because the Expendable scortino Jesus toward his destiny. The whole of Jerusalem will try to stop them. You read that right. This means that you can exert yourself as much as you want but you have no idea what is in this issue of Rat-Man Gigante. Best to run immediately to book it in the best newsstands, the Vatican, including (we hope).

Kick Ass – The new girl 3
Price € 19,00
Authors Marcelo Frusin, AA.VV.
Pages 152 pp; Size 17X26
Contains Kick-Ass #13/18
Binding Hardback; Interior Color
After the bloody defeat of Violence and Santos, there is no rest for Kick-Ass. Now she has a criminal empire on hand, and mountains of money blood stained at his disposal. While destroying the laboratories and Russian of meth and flakes, mexican cartels, new threats emerge from outside the city. Will he destroy his enemies, keep alive her family and keep the secret of his identity?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 43
Price € 10,90
Authors Erik Burnham, AA.VV.
Pages 108 pp; Size 17X26
Contains Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Universe (2016) #12-15
Binding Column; Interior Color
Karai has for a long time embodied the spirit of the Clan of the Foot. But now that this is under the leadership of Splinter, now is her time to take a new path, that will lead Japan in search of an ancient sword that is as mysterious as powerful. To what extent this will affect the life of the Ninja Turtles and their friends?

Spider-Man Magazine # 16 – Panini Comics Mega 81
Price € 4,90
Authors: AA.VV.
Pages 32 pp; Size 19.8X28
Contains A Spider-Gadgets!
Binding Stapled; Interior Color
• The debut of the magazine for fans of the world of Ultimate Spider-Man!
• An incredible comic!
• Cards, games, entertainment, poster!

My Little Pony 57 – Sandwiches & surprises 68
Price € 4,90
Authors: AA.VV.
Pages 32 pp; Size 20X28
Contains A gadget My Little Pony!
Binding Stapled; Interior Color
Finally also in Italy the magazine's weblog My Little Pony! Discover the birth of Ponyville, and of the wonderful friendship between Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Applejack, and Twilight Sparkle! Comic-strip stories, games and much more, in a world full of colors like a rainbow!

Avengers Magazine # 37 – Marvel Adventure 46
Price € 4,90
Authors: AA.VV.
Pages 32 pp; Size 19.8X28
Contains a fantastic gadget of the Avengers
Binding Stapled; Interior Color
Returning to the Avengers, with their fantastic adventures in the magazine more loved by the boys! Games, readings, cards, puzzle game!

LEGO Friends 20 – Rolls Friends 24
Price € 4,90
Authors: AA.VV.
Pages 32 pp; 21X28
Contains The miniset LEGO FRIENDS!
Binding Stapled; Interior Color
A fantastic journey in the town of Heartlake City, where you can meet friends mini-doll, Andrea, Emma, Mia, Olivia and Stephanie. How did their friendship? What is the favorite animal of Andrea? What are the puppies of Heartlake City? With the collection of LEGO FRIENDS, you can discover many curiosities about the world to the bricks, Andrea, Emma, Mia, Olivia and Stepanie.

Donald 474
Price € 3,50
Authors: AA.VV.
192 pages pp; Size 14X19.5; Binding Column; Interior Color
•On Donald 474, a adventure classic designed by Massimo De Vita, “Donald and the challenge of the clans“.
• Also, once again, a new story opens the volume.

The greatest adventures 5 – the Show
Price € 5,00
Authors: AA.VV.
192 pages pp; Size 14.5X19.5; Binding Column; Interior Color
• The classic and fun adventures set in the world of the show, in a special volume on the topic.
• From music to cinema, with “Donald duck and the movies. VivaVision” and “Mickey and the mysterious Stradivari out of tune”!
• The hand of Valerio Held with the script, Carlo Panaro in the beautiful adventure, “Tele Duckburg International”!

I, Uncle Scrooge – Disney Hero 87
Price € 3,90
Authors: AA.VV.
192 pages pp; Format 13.9X18.6; The Binding Column; Interior Color




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