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Published on Mar 04, 2020



X-Force 1
Price € 5,00
Authors Benjamin Percy, Joshua Cassara
Pages 48 pp; Size 17X26
Contains X-Force (2020) #1
Binding Stapled; Interior Color
• Dawn of X!
• The planet is the paradise of the mutants, but in the world there are people who want to turn it into a hell... and prepare for the massacre!
• Will Professor X and his X-Force to counter this new threat?
• A register of shocking, ending that will change all the cards on the table!

Daredevil 9 – Devil e i Cavalieri Marvel 102
Price € 3,00
The Authors Lalit Kumar Sharma, Chip Zdarsky
Pages 24 pp; Size 17X26
Contains Daredevil (vol. 6) #9
Binding Stapled; Interior Color
• There's a new Daredevil in town, and Matt Murdock has no idea who he is! Also the granite detective Cole North is wont to grope in the dark!
• However, the police continues its relentless hunt to the Red Devil!
• Will Matt to resist the temptation to go back to the hero?
• And who will fold his relationship with Mindy Libris?

Doctor Strange 19 – Doctor Strange 62
Price € 3,00
Authors Mark Waid, Jesus Saiz
Pages 24 pp; Size 17X26
Contains Doctor Strange #19 (409)
Binding Stapled; Interior Color
• Even a simple car trip can turn into an adventure if you get lost or are the meetings wrong... especially in the Marvel Universe!
• The terrible experience of a woman and her child!
• A spectrum in the mood for jokes heavy!
• And a big change in the life of Dr. Strange!

The Incredible Hulk by Peter David 5
Price € 27,00
Authors Stuart Immonen, Salvador Larroca, Peter David, George Perez, Gary Frank
Pages 256 pp; Size 17X26
Contains Hulk: Future Imperfect (1992) #1-2, Incredible Hulk (1968) #417-419 and Annual #20
Binding Hardback; Interior Color
• Hulk against the Master!
• A saga crucial, with the Goliath of Green struggling with his counterpart of a dystopian alternate future.
• Then, the marriage of the most awaited, the one between... Rick and Marlo?!
• Continues the revival of the entire life cycle of the Giant of Jade Peter David with a volume key, and full of extras.

Wolverine 74 – Wolverine 400
Price € 3,00
Authors Paulo Siqueira, Charles Soule, AA.VV.
Pages 32 pp; Size 17X26
Contains Marvel Comics Presents (2019) #9
Binding Stapled; Interior Color
• There is a daemon that every ten years returns to Earth to torment Wolverine, but Logan, fortunately, is not alone in his struggle!
• For the final showdown we go into the future and then... to hell!
• Charles Soule adds a new page to the legend of Wolverine!
• Also: back u/Wolverine, the wrapping hero of cyberspace!

The Rat-Man Gigante 73
Price € 3,00
Authors Leo Ortolani
Pages 64 pp; Size 20X27.5
Contains The first part of the trilogy of The Great Magazzi!
Binding Stapled; Interior White and Black
Finally she returns to the saga's most esoteric of Leo Ortolani! In the world of magic, the dark signals are the prelude to the return of You Know Who, and only a young apprentice with a lightning bolt shaped scar on the forehead will be able to stop it. He is the chosen one! All this, in the books of Rowling. Here, however, we found the Grande Magazzi.

Spider-Man Magazine # 18 – Panini Comics Mega 83
Price € 3,90
Authors: AA.VV.
Pages 32 pp; Size 19.8X28
Contains A Spider-Gadgets!
Binding Stapled; Interior Color
• The debut of the magazine for fans of the world of Ultimate Spider-Man!
• An incredible comic!
• Cards, games, entertainment, poster!

Donald 477
Price € 3,50
Authors: AA.VV.
192 pages pp; Size 14X19.5; Binding Column; Interior Color
This number shows the interesting Uncle Scrooge and the bison of the road, the result of the collaboration between Giorgio Pezzin, Sandro and Bumps. Open the book an adventure new 18 tables.

The Great Challenges To 2 – Mickey Mouse Vs. Macchianera (Disney Team 83)
Price € 5,90
Authors: AA.VV.
Pages 288 pp; Format 13.7X19.5; Binding Column; Interior Color
The criminal is more cunning and ruthless, with whom Mickey has ever fought for this and his challenges with Black Stain are really not to be missed. This volume collects the adventures more exciting of the two bitter enemies.

Mickey mouse 3354
Price € 3,00
Authors: AA.VV.
Pages 160 pp; Format 13.9X18.6; The Binding Column; Interior Color
Discover the adventures of your favorite characters in the weekly comic's most famous ever!

100% Pets – 100% Disney 13
Price € 6,00
Authors: AA.VV.
Pages 288 pp; Format 13.7X19.5; Binding Column; Interior Color
• Stories of dogs, cats and puppies cute.
• A mysterious guest arrives to the store, in the adventure of Uncle Scrooge and the secret of miss Paperett, signed by Alberto Savini and Lara Molinari
• Are Silvia Ziche the pencil drawing of Uncle Scrooge and the dog unhappy.

Phantom Duck 39 – Paperinik Appgrade 39
Price € 3,90
Authors: AA.VV.
192 pages pp; Format 13.7X19.5; Binding Column; Interior Color
• Opens with the all-new phantom Duck and the protection plan of a slacker Marco Meloni and Sergio Cabella, where we will see the duck in action in a setting a bit different from the usual, the farm of Grandma Duck!
• One of the proposed, we recommend the delicious Duck... the heart is an engine, the work of the duo Faraci-Ziche, a guarantee of fun. In closing, back to PK with A galaxy far away, drawn by Emilio Urbano on texts by Stefano Ambrosio.

The chronicles of the Papersera 2
Price € 3,90
Authors: AA.VV.
Pages 144 pp; Size 14X18.6; The Binding Column; Interior Color
Return of the journalists of Duckburg, struggling with their funny and improbable reportage in the employ of the Tion. In this issue, in addition to stories unpublished in Italy, a new series of adventures and journals, including Donald duck and the “partner” on all fours, and Uncle Scrooge and the hit film, created by the genius of Tony Strobl.

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