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Published on Mar 12, 2020


Marvel Comics 1000
Price € 16,00
Authors: AA.VV.
Pages 128 pp; Size 17X26
Contains Marvel Comics (2019) #1000-1001
Binding Hardback; Interior Color
• The ultimate celebration of 80 years of Wonders!
• A mystery that runs through the history of the Marvel Universe! Who works in the shadows since the days of Marvel Comics 1?
• And above all: what is the Mask of Eternity, and who is the current owner?
• All the major Marvel artists of the past and present united states to tell a story destined to have ramifications, and crucial developments. They had never seen so
many star players (and so many characters) in a single volume!

Legends of Marvel: Stories Without Time – Marvel Collection
Price € 18,00
Authors Garry Brown, Howard Chaykin, Francesco Manna, The Ewing, AA.VV.
Pages 152 pp; Size 17X26
Contains Ziggy Pig-Silly Seal Comics (2019) #1, Crypt Of Shadows (2019) #1, Love Romances (2019) #1, Journey Into Unknown Worlds (2019) #1, War Is Hell " (2019) #1 And Gunhawks (2019) #1
Binding Hardback; Interior Color
• An anthology that brings us back to the original spirit of the comics of the times that were, for the celebration of 80 years of Marvel!
• The collection of the acclaimed one-shot of the “other” kinds of Marvel (from the horror comics of the war)!
• A series of short stories by some of the most beloved authors of the comic market in the USA!
• Another amazing tribute to the rich heritage of Marvel!

Legends of Marvel: Spider-Man – Marvel Collection
Price € 16,00
Authors Peter David, Mark Bagley, Erik Larsen, Rick Leonardi, AA.VV.
Pages 104 pp; Size 17X26
Contains Spider-Man: Going Big, Sensational Spider-Man: Self - Improvement, Power Pack: Grow Up
Binding Hardback; Interior Color
• Some of your favorite authors of Spider-Man together in one book!
• A volume of unpublished stories of 2019 to celebrate 80 years of Marvel!
• The saga of the alien costume in a version ever!
• Bonus: a story of the Power Pack of its creators Simonson/Brigman!

Marvel: 80 Amazing Years
Price € 20,00
Authors: AA.VV.
Pages 176 pp; 21X28
Contains Marvel: 80 Amazing Years
Binding Hardback; Interior Color
• The secrets of the history of the Marvel universe revealed!
• An essay is richly illustrated to celebrate 80 years of the House of Ideas!
• The perfect read for fans of the old data and new Marvel zombies!
• Behind-the-scenes, rare photos, history and much more thanks to the two signatures are well known to Italian fans: Fabio Licari and Mark Rizzo!

Absolute Carnage: The Protectors Of The Lethal
Price € 12,00
Authors Frank Tieri, Brian Level, Flaviano Armentaro, Clay McLeod Chapman
Pages 104 pp; Size 17X26
Contains Absolute Carnage Separation Anxiety, Absolute Carnage: Lethal Protectors #1/3
Binding Column; Interior Color
• A special edition dedicated to the first event of the year 2020!
• The sect of Carnage comes to New York city, and the heroes of Maximum Carnage are forced to meet!
• Drawings of the roman author of Black Widow and I am Groot!
• Furthermore, the anxiety from the separation of the symbionts of the Foundation for Life!

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 – Velocity
Price € 12,00
Authors: Emilio Laiso, Dennis Hopeless
Pages 112 pp; Size 17X26
Contains Marvel's Spider-Man: Velocity (2019) #1/5
Binding Column; Interior Color
• An original story and unprecedented for the Spider of the Gamerverse!
• How and why Peter has built the armature Velocity seen in the game?
• A spectrum haunts our heroes and the entire city of New York!
• From the writer of Avengers Arena and the designer of Champions!

Marvel Action: Avengers 1 – New Dangers
Price € 6,99
Authors: AA.VV.
Pages 72 pp; Size 20.5X28.5
Contains Marvel Action – Avengers #1/3
Binding Column; Interior Color
• A new team together to face a threat of enormous proportions... the Avengers!
• The Heroes are the most powerful of the earth, to the readers of the elementary school!
• The perfect starting point for young readers to start reading the adventures of the Avengers!
• By the couple formed by Matthew K. Manning and Jon Sommariva!

Marvel Action: Spider-Man 1 – A new beginning
Price € 6,99
Authors: AA.VV.
Pages 72 pp; Size 20.5X28.5
Contains Marvel Action Spider-Man #1/3
Binding Column; Interior Color
• Has fought against the most deadly criminals... but for Spider-Man's life in high school is a challenge even more difficult!
• With the appearance of other beloved characters like Miles Morales and Gwen Stacy!
• The perfect starting point for young readers to start reading the adventures of Spider-Man!
• By the couple formed by Delilah S. Dawson and Fico Basis:!

Marvel Action: Captain Marvel 1
Price € 6,99
Authors: AA.VV.
Pages 72 pp; Size 20.5X28.5
Contains Marvel Action – Captain Marvel #1/3
Binding Column; Interior Color
• A quiet night of Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) with her friend of the heart Jessica Drew (Spider-Woman) is interrupted by an alien invasion!
• Action, twists, formidable enemies, an apparition of the Avengers, and ...kittens?
• A new version of Captain Marvel to the public, Young Adult!
• By the couple formed by the author YA Sam Maggs and Sweeney Boo!

Valkyrie – Jane Foster 1 – the Sacred and the Profane
Price € 16,00
Writers Jason Aaron, Al Ewing
Pages 128 pp; Size 17X26
Contains WOTR: Omega (2019) 1 (Valkyrie), the Valkyrie, Jane Foster (2019) #1/5
Binding Hardback; Interior Color
• Was the faithful companion of dr. Donald Blake, then he played the role of Thor... and now it is his turn to be the Valkyrie!
• The return of Jane Foster in a new series!
• The first narrative arc: new opponents, new dipartite!
• An explosive new comic book from super star Jason Aaron and Al Ewing!

Punisher Kill Krew – feud between the Kingdoms
Price € 16,00
Authors Gerry Duggan, AA.VV.
Pages 128 pp; Size 17X26
Contains Punisher Kill Krew #1/5
Binding Hardback; Interior Color
• A man. The ten kingdoms. Total war.
• During the War of the Kingdoms, Frank Castle vowed revenge. And Punisher is a man of his word.
• But how is a man to kill the gods and monsters?
• The response of the Punisher is a: with the violence!

Legends of Marvel: Avengers
Price € 16,00
Authors Roy Thomas, Peter David, Walt Simonson, Roger Stern, and AA.VV.
Pages 128 pp; Size 17X26
Contains Incredible Hulk: Last Call (2019), Avengers: Loki Unleashed (2019), Thor: The Worthy (2019), Captain America & The Invaders: The Bahamas Triangle (2019)
Binding Hardback; Interior Color
• Four adventures of the heroes from the most powerful of the Earth!
• Hulk must face an existential crisis that could be solved with a new challenge!
• Captain America, Thor, Iron Man & co. are struggling with the consequences of the siege of the Palace of the Avengers. Just as Loki discovers a new source of
energies, mystical...
• Also, Thor returns in the hands of the legend Walt Simonson. And Cap is living in a new adventure set during the Second World War!

Price € 27,00
Authors Warren Ellis, Mike Baron, AA.VV.
Pages 256 pp; Size 17X26
Contains Ruins (1995) #1-2, Tales of the Marvels: Blockbuster (1995), Tales of the Marvels: Inner Demons (1996), Tales of the Marvels: The Wonder Years (1995) #1-2
Binding Hardback; Interior Color
• From the pages of MARVELS, Phil Sheldon, a former reporter of the Daily Bugle, to discover a world that is dystopian!
• A Marvel Universe different from the one that we know of in which everything went wrong and the radiation kill, rather than give supernatural powers!
• Also: an adventure of the Marvel with the Human Torch, the love of a girl who tries to revive Wonder Man, and the fragile and human point of view of the man
the town, engaged in the battles between super heroes!
• The mini-series written by Warren Ellis returns after more than twenty years, along with other adventures painted set in the reality of MARVELS!

Acts of Wickedness 1 – Marvel Collection
Price € 14,00
Authors: AA.VV.
Pages 136 pp; Size 17X26
Contains Ms. Marvel Annual (2019) #1, Punisher Annual (2019) #1, Avengers Annual (2019), Deadpool Annual (2019) #1
Binding Hardback; Interior Color
• The new Ms. Marvel against the Super-Skrull! Venom fights with Lady Hellbender! Deadpool faces a Nightmare! And wait until you see who will see Punisher!
• A new cycle of stories to celebrate 30 years of the crossover Acts of Vengeance
• The super-heroes you are again having to fight against the enemies for their unusual!

Amazing Spider-Man 33 – Spider-Man 742
Price € 6,00
Authors Ryan Ottley, Peter David, Nick Spencer, AA.VV.
Pages 56 pp; Size 17X26
Contains Amazing Spider-Man (2018) #31, Absolute Carnage: Symbiote Spider-Man (2019) #1
Binding Stapled; Interior Color
• The second and last number related to Absolute Carnage!
• Continue the fight Spidey/Norman Osborn/Carnage!
• Also, surprisingly, a story of the Symbiont Spider-Man with a guest's unpredictable!
• Texts by the author of Spider-Man: The saga of the Mangiapeccati!

Avengers 17 – Avengers 121




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