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Published on Jul 19, 2018


As every week, also at the beginning of July, we bring you the outputs Panini, Marvel Italia, and Disney, for a summer to spend with the Ducks, Mice, Runaways, The Mighty Thor, Venom, Wolverine, and all the rest of the wonderful world of the heroes and not Marvel!

Treasures Made in Italy 9

Authors: Massimo De Vita € 6,90

• A new volume of the collection of classics, rarities, and rarities of the great Massimo De Vita, selected by himself.
• A giant school Disney Italian: “Mickey and the enigma of Mu”, with the first appearance of the professor Zapotec.
• A classic from the Master of milan: “The marriage of Uncle Scrooge”.

Mickey mouse 3269

€ 2,70

Uncle Scrooge 1 also Includes Mickey mouse 3269

€ 3,50

Disney Big 124

Authors: AA.VV. € 6,00

• The register of the Disney “big” for the many stories theme!
• Adventures “bright”, such as “Mickey and the mountain of light” di Rudy Salvagnini and Giuseppe Zironi, or “Indiana Pipps and the cup of light” by Ilaria Isaiah and Maria Luisa Uggetti.
• Stories... in the bottle, such as “Uncle Scrooge and the wonder of the day in the bottle” by Augusto Macchetto and Mark Buildings.

Life from the Ducks 4

Authors: Carl Barks, AA.VV. € 5,50

• The great classics interpreted by the Ducks come out from the pencil of Carl Barks & followers!
• “The three Paperini and Grandma Duck”, the first appearance of the ravenous Crowd in a Barks ' story.
• “Donald duck consultant of the camp”, the prelude to the creation of the junior Woodchucks.
• “Donald's vacation”, the longest story of the Ducks has never been written and drawn by carl Barks.


Authors: AA.VV. € 3,90

• A volume entirely dedicated to the adventures of the Mice and the Ducks in the hot season!
• “The junior Woodchucks: The summer camp” for the text by François Corteggiani and the drawings of Giorgio Cavazzano.
• Beach games in “Foo " and the millebiglia”, written by Roberto Gagnor to the drawings of Ottavio Panaro.

Daredevil 1
of Bendis and Maleev € 75,00

• The Red Devil is more noir than ever!
• A gang war, a new drug, a process which is particularly delicate, the Owl, the Kingpin...
• ...but that's not all, because a new woman is coming into the life of Matt Murdock: Milla Donovan.
• The first part of the fundamental cycle of Daredevil signed Bendis/ Maleev in a book full of extras.

Marvel Legends 9

Authors: Len Wein € 5,99

• The debut of the New X-Men of 70/80 years!
• Do you know together with us, Colossus, Storm, Nightcrawler and others!
• And of course there is also the wrapping Wolverine!
• A large section of the very rare extra!

Runaways 1

Authors: Rainbow Rowell, Kris Anka € 15,00

• The broken hearts, the parents bulky and superpowers!
• The great return of the teenagers who have won a lot of cosplayers, artists and spectators, thanks to the series Hulu!
• Nico Minoru is back and wants to rally the Runaways... all of you!
• History of Rainbow Rowell, one of the novelist young adult, the most beloved of the moment (Fangirl, Eleanor & Park, I'll call You on the landline).

X-Men Gold 9

Authors: Phil Noto, Marc Guggenheim, Ken Either The Lashley, Lan Medina, Charles Soule € 3,90

• Who is the man called X and what is his relationship with Professor Xavier?
• Begins an amazing new act of the adventures of the Amazing X-Men!
• For the X-Men, Kitty Pryde begins a new and exciting adventure between worlds, and dimensions of the alien...
• ...and they come back on the scene X-Men of which had gone lost!

X-Men Blue 9

Authors: Albert Jiménez Alburquerque, Rubens Bernardino Silva, Dennis Hopeless, Cullen Bunn € 3,20

• The Blue Team of the X-Men began a new series of journeys in time and between dimensions. First stop: the 2099!
• The unexpected return to the scene of the X-Men of 2099... and not only!
• And in the stories of Jean Grey and the Phoenix Force... it's arrived!
• A shocking story that launches us straight in the miniseries of the summer: The Return of the Phoenix!

Venom 9

Authors: Iban Coello, Cullen Bunn€ 3,50

• Ends the spectacular saga Venomverso!
• Special issue 64 pages!
• All the Venom of the survivors against the deadly Poison!
• Eddie Brock and Venompool gone wild!

Wolverine 361

Authors: Tom Taylor, Juan Cabal, Ibraim Roberson, And Brisson € 3,20

• The final duel between the Old Logan and Gorgon, under the moon of Madripoor. But the deadly Scarlet Samurai... which side are you?!
• A turning point in the love life of Logan?
• The final clash between Wolverine and the dreadful Orphans of X!
• And finally, we discover who are their leaders and what are their motivations!

The Mighty Thor 2

Authors: Jason Aaron, Russell Dauterman € 16,00

• While the war is raging in the kingdoms, the agents of Alfheim are working tirelessly to reclaim their kingdom from Malekith and his army of dark elves!
• The director of Roxxon, Dario Agger, he wants to take possession of the ten kingdoms to exploit its resources for their own benefit...
• ...but the news has aroused the indignation of his partner, and two of them – the Silver Samurai and Exterminatrix – will not stand with folded hands!
• In addition, the S. H. I. E. L. D. takes Jane under observation in an attempt to discover his connection with Thor!

Runaways Collection 7

Authors: Brian K. Vaughan, Adrian Alphona € 14,00

• The great adventures of the Runaways that have inspired the TV series!
• The Gibborim, the cruel deity worshipped by the parents of the Runaways, are back!
• Guest of honour: Iron Man!
• The story of Brian “Saga,” Vaughan, drawings of Adrian “Ms. Marvel,” Alphona!

Miraculous – The Stories of Ladybug and Chat Noir 10

€ 3,90

Girls alert! Is in the arrival, the official magazine of the Ladybug, the animated series for the fashion girls of the moment! Inside you will find everything about your heroine and her friends (and maybe even something more...!), 16 pages of comics with the adventures most beautiful, so many insights, books, fashion, games and much more! Play with us and you can get a free set beauty official series! On this number in the gift the yo-yo of Labybug, for play to turn you how does Marinette!

James Bond 007

Authors: Benjamin Percy, Rapha Lobosco € 19,00

A new intrigo internazionale for the agent 007! Someone has stolen valuable information to some very powerful men, and agents of the English, and James Bond must find out who it was and retrieve what was stolen. A difficult mission that will take him from the other side of the world, where waiting for you will find a criminal is very different from the usual...

Angie Digitwin 2

Authors: Stefano Vietti, Mario Alberti € 3,20

Lost in the deep web, Angie is overwhelmed by memories of disconnected fragments of his dark past that raise more questions than certainties. When an unexpected ally, the will pull you out of trouble, the superhero digital will have to reckon with his humanity. The twists and mysteries in the second chapter of the virtual-the saga written by Stefano Vietti and illustrated by the artistic team of the exception!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Magazine 40

€ 3,90

For all of you ninja, here's a new issue of the magazine of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Inside you will find stories full of action, games to hone your ninja skills and fantastic extra! In addition, an engrossing story where the Turtles are involved in a race against time, and against the Kraang. So what are you waiting for?! Hajime!

Adventure Time Collection 11

Authors: Ian McGinty, Christopher Hastings € 9,90

Jake would like to spend a nice weekend in panciolle, for once, nothing avvenuture! Finn did not even have time to make him change his mind, because the Governor of Spettralia thought it a good idea to release the Land of Ooo its ghosts to steal the youth to the inhabitants of the kingdom!

The Complete Peanuts

Authors: Charles M. Schulz € 140,00

The Nineties seen from the point of view is very special, to Charles M. Schulz and his masterpiece comics. The five volumes collect all of the strips and the tables on Sunday from 1991 to 2000, to retrace a decade in the company of Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Linus, Lucy and the whole gang of Peanuts.

XIII Mystery

€ 14,00

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