Outputs Panini, Disney and Marvel dated July 12, 2018


Published on Jul 10, 2018


As every week, also at the beginning of July, we bring you the outputs Panini, Marvel Italia, and Disney, for a summer to spend with the Ducks, Mice, the incredible collection Gulliveriana of the artist Milo Manara (also in deluxe version), Iron Man, She-Hulk, Nick Fury, The Avengers, and all the rest of the wonderful world of the heroes and not Marvel!

The tales of Edgar Allan Paperoe

Authors: AA.VV. € 6,90

• A new volume dedicated to freebies Disney, literature, the theatre, the cinema!
• From the pen of Richard Dry, a great admirer of the great Edgar Allan Poe, to the designs of Free Ermetti, a super parody and literary for a cast of Ducks: “The tales of Edgar Allan Paperoe”.
• Inspired by the famous investigator created by Poe, “The investigations of Auguste Duckpin”, even to the work of Richard Dry and Free Ermetti

Uncle Scrooge 2

Authors: AA.VV. € 3,20

• Continue the new series devoted to the adventures of the Duck richest of the world!
• The first two episodes of the superclassica adventure with the television program attached in the “Uncle Scrooge and the great treasure hunt” and “treasure hunt”, from the pencil of the Roman Shoe to the inks of Giorgio Cavazzano.
• And if Cornelius Coot, founder of Duckburg, was an impostor? Find out with “Uncle Scrooge and the Contention of the Founder”, written by Sergio Badino for the designs of Ettore Gula.

PK Giant 42

Authors Marco Gervasio, Alessandro Sisti € 3,90

• Somewhere in the XXIII century someone is doing strange experiments and something is going wrong...
• An unexpected shipwreck through time and space to Pikappa, and Lyla and friend, android and tempoliziotta, written by Alessandro Sisti for the pencils of Marco Gervasio.

Classic Disney 500

Authors: AA.VV. € 3,20

• Classic Disney reaches an important milestone... five hundred of these numbers!
• “Uncle Scrooge and the atoll musician”, from the pen of Rodolfo Cimino and the pencil of Luciano's Cat.
• “Umperio Bogarto and unacceptable evictions”, screenplay by Rudy Salvagnini for the designs of Danilo Barozzi.
• “Archimedes and the l household catastrophic”, texts by Carlo Panaro and drawings of Alberto Lavoradori.

The Don Rosa Library 9,

The Authors Don Rosa € 8,90

• A new volume of the definitive edition of all the adventures of the Ducks to Don Pink.
• The two chapters of “The Life and Times of $crooge"”, the epic “the Saga of scrooge mcduck”.
• New in Scotland and then off to Duckburg in “The billionaire of Colle Fosco”.
• A great story in which is revealed the source of the Manual of the Young Marmots: “Uncle Scrooge and the guardians of the lost library”.

Mickey mouse 3268

Authors: AA.VV. € 2,70

Nick Fury, agent of... S. H. I. E. L. D.

Authors James Robinson, Hugo Petrus, ACO € 22,00

• Magnetic, charismatic, cold as ice... a new interpretation of Nick Fury, the light supreme of the Marvel Universe!
• A top secret mission in the côte d'azur, with new enemies to beat!
• Action, espionage and glamour in the most pure style of Marvel!
• A tour de force chart of James Robinson and of the Spanish talent ACO!


Authors Milo Manara € 16,90

Gulliveriana is one of the most successful Manara: crossed by an intense erotic charge, combines fantastic aspects of the plot to a certain dose of irony. A tribute to light and sparkling to be a classic of literature, enhanced by the unique feature of the master.

Gulliveriana Artist Edition Limited

Authors Milo Manara € 99,00

Gulliveriana is one of the most successful Manara: crossed by an intense erotic charge, combines fantastic aspects of the plot to a certain dose of irony. A tribute to light and sparkling to be a classic of literature, enhanced by the unique feature of the master. The deluxe edition, in a format that is extra wide, includes the lowercase version ‘lillipuziana’ of the work autographed by the author.

Star Wars 37

Writers Jason Aaron, Salvador Larroca, Phil Noto, Charles Soule € 3,20

The Empire has held C-3PO as a prisoner for too long: now it is time to be freed. Erredue to the rescue! And then the final chapter of the confrontation between Poe and the Terex with the arrival of the Squadron the Black. But on the surface of the planet things are going badly for Dameron.

Star Wars: Poe Dameron 2

Authors Phil Noto, Charles Soule € 13,00

Poe Dameron is the one entrusted with a secret mission from the General Leia Organa in person: escorting C-3PO on the dangerous planet Kaddak. Unfortunately for him, waiting for him on the planet the Agent Terex of the First Order: how is it possible that Terex will always be a step ahead of the moves of the Squadron Black?

Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War III

Authors Ryan O'sullivan, Daniel Indro, AA.VV. € 13,00

A new chapter in comics from the world of Warhammer 40k, this time is also connected to the video game developed by SEGA and Relic Entertainment. During a mission into enemy territory, Gabriel Angelos, the leader of a team of Blood Ravens, is lost. His men decide to go looking for it, because in order to survive, he needs them as much as them to him!!!

The shadows on the Headstone

Authors Richard Corben € 22,00

A new collection of short stories by the undisputed master of comic book horror Richard Corben! Stories gothic worthy of Edgar Allan Poe, up to encounters of the third kind with the strange and the unusual to the “twilight zone”, passing through a long and epic adventure starring a barbarian who remembers the most famous creation of Corben Den.

Spider-Man & his amazing friends 52

Authors: AA.VV. € 3,90

In this issue of Spider-Man and his amazing friends, once again we find everything there is to know on the nice Arrampicamuri and his fantastic friends and opponents! As always, a number full of games, cards and coloring pages.

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