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Published on Feb 15, 2020


J-POP Manga

009 Re:Cyborg 1 of 6)
of Shotaro Ishinomori, Kenji Kamiyama, Gato Aso
€ 6,90

After the conclusion of their saga classic in the epic miniseries God's War, the team of Cyborgs is loose for almost thirty years and the world has fallen into a vortex of violence and terrorism, which only Joe can come to the head... if only it had not lost the memory!

Princess Sapphire 1 – Osamushi Collection of 3
by Osamu Tezuka
€ 12,00

Returns the OSAMUSHI COLLECTION with a history of the women! Sapphire, a princess born with a heart of a boy in a female body, living a double life: as a heroic prince, the heir of the kingdom and the beautiful princess in love with a noble of the kingdom near. Between the plots of devils, witches and angels and mischievous, the princess Sapphire is still today an exciting reading and a must.

Quintessential Unfortunately 04 14
of Negi Haruba
€ 5,90

Futaro agrees to give reps to the five twins who hate to study. The guy is more determined than ever to show the father of the five sisters, the results of its own teachings, but the nature tour interrupts the routine. A fun excursion along with the quintet!

Edizioni BD

of Ulysse Malassagne
€ 18,00

A fantasy from the adult themes and influenced by the aesthetics of the manga, that between the imaginary worlds and strange creatures reflect on what we are willing to sacrifice to get what we want. During a weekend in the home of the family of the girlfriend Anaëlle, Nills is the witness to the kidnapping of his girlfriend by a troop of dragons humanoids, that drags her into another dimension. Decided to save the love of his life, Nills launches in pursuit, finding himself entangled in a revolt against a tyrannical royal family, and discovering a truth unsuspected. But nothing will discourage from fighting with tooth and nail, against everything and everybody, for putting together the pieces of his dream!

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