Outputs Edizioni BD and J-POP Manga of May 13, 2020


Published on May 08, 2020


Tokyo Ghoul Zakki: King
Of Sui Ishida
€ 25,00

On the Ishida collected in a second volume, the illustrations the most beautiful from book covers, magazines and promotional catalogues dedicated to its creation. Explaining the origins and the secrets, the author opens a window for readers on her study and her work.

The Voice of the Stars
Makoto Shinkai
€ 15,00

Mikako, the choice to fight an alien enemy in space, travelling at tens of light-years from Earth, but continues to keep in touch with the friend, Noboru, thanks to frequent messages. The time, however, it behaves in a mysterious way, and the relationship between the two is becoming more and more difficult... A powerful story sci-fi is full of emotions.

The Scalpel and the Sword: 1 of 6
By Osamu Tezuka
€ 15,00

A historical drama full of action and twists from the pencil of the God of Manga! Osamu Tezuka tells the tumultuous second half of the 1800's japan through the eyes of two men very different: the faithful samurai, Manjiro Ibuya, tied to the traditions, and the doctor Ryoan Tezuka (ancestor of the author), open to the innovations of the west. Their rivalry, which would become, with time, friendship, characterizes one of the most significant works of the legendary master.

Act-Age 2
Of Tatsuya Matsuki, Shiro Usazaki
€ 5,90

Directly from the pages of Shonen Jump, the magazine of The Promised Neverland, comes the manga-the phenomenon on film! Kei Yonagi participate in the audition of the film “Death Island” to meet Chiyoko Momoshiro and, together with Takemitsu, Masaki and Akane, you are asked to improvise. The theme is to survive on a deserted island ammazzandosi each other. The acting of Yonagi, however, restless not just the members of the set...

The Promised Neverland 15
Of Kaiu Shirai, Posuka Demizu
€ 5,90

The most exciting of the Shonen Jump already confirmed the second season of the anime! While the plan to bring down the company of the demons, and rescue all the children, the livestock continues, Emma touches the darkness hidden in the hearts of those who want revenge. In the meantime, the girl seeks a way in which neither human nor demons remain injured...

Hell's Paradise – Jigokuraku 4
Of Yuji Kaku
€ 5,90

Opponents, bloodthirsty, demonic monsters, betrayals and explosive action: one shonen that will leave your mouth open! Engaged in the research of the elixir on the island of the hermits, prisoners and tagliateste encounter powerful immortal beings called “tensen”, that with the force of their mysterious defeat them one by one. Possible that there does not exist a technique to beat them?

Escape Journey 2 of 3
Of Ogeretsu Tanaka
€ 6,90

By the author of Yarichin Bitch Club Neon Sign, Amber, the Boy's Love of romance that everyone has been waiting for! At the university Naoto meets unexpectedly her ex-boyfriend Taichi, who saw their story as “purely physical”. Naoto evidence of resentment towards him, but gradually softens when he realizes that Taichi has matured compared to the times of the high school. A story of love suffered, that show like two perfect friends can be a bad pair.

Dead Tube 13
Akira Yamaguchi, Touta Kitakawa
€ 6,00

Between the murders and the companies more and more extreme: with an explosion of sex and violence, Dead Tube never ceases to shock! The dead tuber virtual Madhouse Shumatsu suddenly appears on a smartphone. In the PLHG, the videogame streaming you designed, delivery of lethal weapons to people who have lost the will to live and grants them a last chance to bring death and destruction in the world that oppressed them. Who will be the next player?

Edizioni BD

Maria Llovet
A Single Volume
Size – 17X24 – Paperback
Pages – 104, Col.
€ 14,00

After a Heartbeat, and Insecto, a new, intriguing graphic novel the fruit of the talent of Maria Llovet! In the darkness, filled by the bass of a music that prevents almost to think, a night club, becomes the place in which intertwine the lives of two assassins, a stripper, a teenager pregnant, a clan of vampires and a sadistic dominatrix. With its sensual style and pop-punk, the comic-Spanish with strong influences from manga tells an unforgettable night and tarantiniana in his debut for the label, USE the Black Mask!

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