Outputs Edizioni BD and J-POP Manga of March 2020


Published on Feb 26, 2020


Below is the press release that presents the new releases of Edizioni BD and J-POP Manga coming in March:

The outputs Edizioni BD and J-POP Manga of March!

The month of march starts with the big debut of the Act-Age 1! Comes also the artbook Tokyo Ghoul Zakki:King, grows the Moto Hagio Collection with a new volume: the Marginal 1.
Is further enriched by the Osamushi Collection with The Phoenix 3 and The Scalpel and the sword 1. Continue the great series as The Promised Neverland, The Queen Of Egypt, Black Night Parade and much more!

4 march

With the arrival of the Act-Age 1 we know Kei Yonagi, an aspiring actress, in economic difficulties and with two younger brothers to look after. The luck turns away from the part when she was noticed by an important film director. With his help, will Kei to become a movie star? Only with the first edition, exclusive dust jacket in acetate and the bookmark motion-picture film!

Back at the comic store and Moto Hagio with a Marginal 1, which marks the beginning of the beginning of a new series
the sci-fi and post-apocalyptic in which humanity has been devastated by an apocalypse biochemistry that has erased the female gender from the face of the Earth.

Ends , also, the two-volume work of master Matsumoto the Cats in The Louvre 2 and continue Radiation House with the fourth volume, Servamp 14, The Spirits Of the House, Momochi 16, Ballad X, Opera 5, Sao Alicization 3 Manga, Golden Kamui 19.

11 march

A new volume Yaoi in the catalogue of J-POP, Love Stage 1, the manga that inspired the anime
success, and which tells the story of Izumi. The guy seems to be destined to work in show business, like all his family, but to the popularity prefer the dream of becoming a mangaka.
Forced by the family to act in the remake of a tv spot in which he participated as a child,
rincontrerà Ryoma, the co-protagonist, then giving has never stopped looking for you!

On 11 march, ending the sweet series, yuri, Bloom Into You 8 that arrives at the library, the store and online retailers with a beautiful shikishi dedicated to the end of the series!

They also continue The Promised Neverland 14 and World's End Harem 5, 17 2, The Divided
School Of Akebi 5, Horimiya 12, Devilman Saga 10.

18 march

Continue the Osamushi collection with the summa of the ideal of the manga (and history) of the master Osamu Tezuka, The Scalpel and The Sword! The God of the manga tells the tumultuous second half dell’800 japanese through the eyes of two men very different: the faithful samurai, Manjiro Ibuya , tied to the traditions, and the doctor Ryoan Tezuka (his ancestor), open to the innovations of the west. Their rivalry, which over time will become friendship, characterizes one of the most significant works of the legendary author.

On the 18th of march will also be the time of Final Fantasy: the writer of the original video game, comes a novel that is a must for the true fan of the videogame saga, Comes Final Fantasy: On the way to a smile to find out what happened to some of the most beloved characters including Tifa, Nanaki, Aerith, and Sephiroth.

Continue The Phoenix 3, The Queen Of Egypt. The Blue eye Of Horus 2, Gundam Unicorn 11 – Band Desinee.

25 march

On the 25th of march comes the second artbook official of the phenomenal series, from hundreds of thousands of copies sold: Tokyo Ghoul Zakki:the king, in which The Ishida collects his most beautiful illustrations and covers!

From the creator of Your Name. and Weathering With You, an unpublished novel by Makoto Shinkai : The voice of the Stars. Mikako, the choice to fight an alien enemy in space, travelling at tens of light-years from Earth, but continues to keep in touch with the friend, Noboru, thanks to frequent messages. The same time, however, between the galaxies behaves in a mysterious way, and the relationship between the two is always the most difficult...

Continue Escape Journey 2, Black Night Parade 3, The Rising Of The Shield Hero 14, Rikudo 18, Final Fantasy – Lost Stranger 5, Danmachi Sword Oratory 11, Dead Tube 13.

For Edizioni BD, the highly-anticipated As The Normal People of Hartley Lin that tells the
generation of the millennial, entry into the world of work: Frances, assistant legal talent, but not convinced that the big firm where he works is the right place for her, she has to contend with colleagues perennamente stressed, the top, the enigmatic, and a better actress friend who seems to not take anything seriously.

1 April

Starts with April the most recent season of the masterpiece of Koogi, Killing Stalking 3: the dark and
the controversial relationship between Bum and Sangwoo continues to the unspeakable peak, between the cruelty, violence and unexpected moments of kindness that will bring both lovers in a
dramatic descent into madness!

He made his debut also The Land Of The Lustrous 1, a seinen anticipated that combines fantasy, science-fiction and metaphysics! On a distant planet, a people of “precious stones” from the human form the prey of the People of the Moon, which organizes real hunting for them. In this society where knowing how to fight is everything, Phos desires to become stronger, be able to defend and gain the respect of your peers. But how many pieces of himself he may lose to reach his goal?

The blazing saga manga inspired by the video games of Pokémon continues with two new chapters, collected in an elegant box collectible, Pokémon, the great adventure box vol. 18-19.

Continue also Re:Zero: Truth Of Zero To 10, Hagio Moto – Marginal 2, Super Lovers 12, Ishinomori Re: Cyborg 2.


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