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Published on Dec 04, 2019


There is a type of science fiction, a little fracassona, made up of a lot of action, and there is also the sci-fi humor, which has found major works that represent them in the animated series Rick and honor of his wedding, or Futurama, or in film adaptations such as spaceballs.

Outer Darkness – In the Darkness is a mix between these two sub-genres, even if, unfortunately, find it difficult to reconcile them. The basic idea of the comic is interesting: there are ships that fight anime alien and dark forces abandoned in space. There are, therefore, of the astronauts exorcists capable of fighting these demonic beings.

The main character of the comic is captain Joshua Rigg, who is appointed at the head of the USS Charon. During the space adventure of the crew you will discover in the course of the comic, great conspiracies, the presence of the demonic, and dark places, and narrow in the universe, ready to swallow up anyone who comes close in those parts.

The interesting aspect of the Outer Darkness is this attempt to mix the humor with the action and the mystery. What could represent the strength of the comic (which is a mix of genres, intriguing), however, revealed a weak point, since the story can't be defined well in any of these genres, leaving the reader to partially dissatisfied.

Excellent graphics, with art by Afu Chan, that feature a cartoonish very raw, which suits perfectly to a certain punk spirit, that Outer Darkness try to demonstrate in different moments. Unfortunately, writer John Layman has not dared enough, peppering the story with a sub-plot a bit trite and confusing.

The idea of a conspiracy, with characters that turn out to be the opposite of what they seem to be, if not in-depth to duty, it proves to be superficial, and obscures some of the narrative elements and found level.

The comic, in fact, start pushing a lot on that soul, punk and humorous drawings of Chan exalt to duty (recall the works of many of our Taddei and Angelini). The designer, however, fails to give strength to some of the sketches present in the script, using the cartoons in such a way to defuse a bit of the time humorous.

Outer Darkness is a story that has great narrative potential, but this first volume still cannot find the quadra, knocking in a few moments the same player.

There is, however, to say that all those who love that type of science fiction that combines Star Trek, Rick and honor of his wedding and spaceballs will be able to find a comic book that tries to trace the spirit.

The hope is that the next volume is able to better focus on the soul of the story. As of now, the Outer Darkness is definitely a reading that has its important elements, and deserving of interest, however, on the other hand still needs to focus on.

The idea is that we are facing a potential narrative divided in half, which could end up in oblivion, or that may in the end take flight, creating great entertainment.

Of course, we hope that this second possibility is the one that will materialize in the near future. Because Image Comics and Saldapress (which has led, in Italy, this american comic strip) we were usually accustomed to great works of entertainment and high artistic quality.

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