Otoko Zaka, Masami Kurumada concludes a narrative arc and is preparing for another


Published on Mar 29, 2020


The master Masami Kurumada, the author of Saint Seiya – Knights of the Zodiac, concluded the story arc “Takeshima Honjin-hen” (The Saga of the Stronghold of Takeshima) of the manga Otoko-Zaka with the seventh chapter published 29 March 2020 on the web site and app Shonen Jump Plus Shueisha.

The end of the chapter, has announced that a new saga, entitled “Honjin Shito-hen” (the Clash Mortal to Stronghold), will make its debut at the beginning of this Summer.

We remember that The “Saga of the Stronghold of Takeshima” was launched last February 9.

The sensei Kurumada has resumed Otoko Zaka with a saga in eight chapters on the website of Weekly Playboy in June 2014 after a break long thirty years.

In 2017, the series has moved on Shonen Jump Plus with the saga “Keikai Otome”; the previous story arc, The Chapter of Peace and Tranquillity composed of seven chapters, was launched in August 2018.

The series consists at the moment of 8 volumes, the last of which was released in Japan on November 2, 2018 in Japan.

In Italy is going for J-POP (8 volumes so far):

Jinbe is a thug of the middle schools and, in her young life, has never lost a fight! Defeated by a new rival, and so he decides to rely on a ruthless training... the outcome of which will decide the fate of Japan!
After a pause of 30 years, the master of the shonen Masami Kurumada finally returns to his first great love, OTOKO ZAKA, to finish the work that launched him in the firmament of the manga. A classic hiding of the father of the Knights of the Zodiac!

With regard to the Knights of The Zodiac instead of Saint Seiya Next Dimension will return in a few months.

Otoko Zaka, Masami Kurumada concludes a narrative arc and is preparing for another is




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