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Published on Aug 04, 2018


After the interlude dedicated to the resurrection of the Juric of the eighth register – our review HERE – The Last Knights, the ninth register Orphans and vulnerable children: Sam, let us return to the ranks of the fight started in the seventh register – our review HERE – with Ringo, and his doppelganger's virtual, engaged together in the Sam, she is also assisted by the same number of duplicate virtual, to hide Perseus and Andromenda from Juric that came in the Gateway, he took in the monstrous form of a dragon.

While the battle proceeds-tight, with Ringo and Sam in obvious anguish against the superior “fire power”, in the real world, things do not go well at all: her fleet, led by general Petrov, begins the bombardment of the lunar base. The idea of Juric is in fact one of a double attack!

Marta is then forced to disconnect momentarily Ringo from the Gateway, which is, however, managed to snatch an important clue as to the real position of the two children, Sam; rejecting a first direct attack at the base the Rebels also gain an unexpected ally...

In the meantime, in order not to give the moon base to the Juric, Cesar has placed explosive charges at strategic points ready to be detonated at the appropriate time and do as much damage as possible to the base that the fleet while Ringo, re-connected, “save”, the virtual identities of Sam, Perseus, and Andromeda.

Roberto Recchioni and Michele Monteleone, while preparing the ground for the now imminent final, are not averse to new reversals peppering this ninth volume of a lot of action and maintaining the highest attention among the scattered quotes and tributes to the great classics of the genre.

Good overall work, six hands to the designs of Pietrantonio Bruno, Simone Di Meo, Andrea Pompey that “dirty” registered with stretch scratchy joining, in terms of the choreography, and the construction of the table, certain influences ricondubicibili the legendary Aurelio Galeppini and most classic gunfights texiane both to the most modern designers of american origin – Ryan Ottley on all.

Orphans: Sam 9 – the Last of The Knights marks definitely the beginning of the narrative arc of the final series with a decidedly abrasive.

As was to be expected that the tenth register of the Orphans and vulnerable children: Sam, entitled " the Civil War, pressed on the accelerator all the emphasis on the action.

The Resistance coming from the moon base takes advantage of a new, unexpected ally, the ex-governor Garland, which provides important information about the defenses of Ithaca and its weaknesses which will allow equal access to the city.

While Perseus, Andromeda, and Sam are localized in the Broken Tooth, in the heart of the city, and awakened to Ringo looms a double battle: in the Gateway against the projection cibernatica of Juric, with the help of all the Orphans, while in reality the assault on Ithaca should serve as a diversion for a frontal attack to the real Juric.

The point is not to fall into the hands of a dictator Perseus and Andromeda, but as often happens just in a moment, so that the inertia of the battle muti radically...

There is little to think about in the Civil War: you plan, you act, you shoot and you hope. In this sense, Roberto Recchioni and Michele Monteleone does not have more pieces to place on the chessboard rather, they must begin to join the pieces scattered along the season, creating a final organic and satisfying.

Here's how the long battle in the Gateway, with its references to the first season, seems to want to almost close the circle with all that imaginary videogame/sci-fi that that season was an important source of inspiration.

The graph in 12 (!) the hands of Luigi Formisano, Fabrizio Des Dorides, Pietrantonio Bruno, Giorgio Shoulder, Luca Maresca, Gianluca Maconi is really admirable: managing to pack a register that is homogenous and characterized by an approach that is extremely sharp and dynamic that is perfectly suited to the pace of the comic.

The cliffhanger finale and then not presage anything good for our “heroes” and for the second to last album technically closes the story before the twelfth, and “celebratory”, the register.

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