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Published on Feb 16, 2018


Orphans: Sam is approaching with big steps towards the end but not without hope, to the last cartridge, the more deadly undoubtedly that exploded in the sixth number – our review here – with which she returned spectacularly in a scene that that has been the real antagonist of the whole saga of Orphaned or Jsana Juric, came back to life thanks to a body provided to you by Martha The Crazy.

This eighth issue, entitled the Heart of a Dragon, takes place a few weeks before Ringo dived in search of Sam, Perseus, and Andromeda in the Gateway – the events told however in the previous issue, our review here – and see the Juric prisoner by the governor of the Garland, and the overall Goal.

The resurrection was concocted by two men in an accurate way: the new body has limitations that do not allow Juric to exploit the full capacity of both physical and mental.

However, as we have often learned in the course of the series, Juric is a strong-minded woman and ready to do anything to achieve its goals. His enemy this time, however, will be his own mind in a journey back in time in his memories that, like a firewall, blocking its capacity. The release will be far from simple reviving the woman experiences more or less traumatic...

In the meantime, Garland and general Cesar will react in opposite ways to the return of the “true” Juric who, after having acquired full control of his body, not to lose time, putting himself immediately in the footsteps of Sam, of course, in Inc, infecting it.

The heart of the Dragon is a lussuossimo “step number” that serves to (re)introduce the character of Juric in this version 2.0 is even more cynical and disenchanted. The true black soul that had pervaded the whole saga of the Orphan returns in a manner disruptive by demonstrating that determination that has made her the villain the ideal of an epic that had somehow always put at the centre of the reader's attention to the weaknesses of its protagonists.

Michele Monteleone and Roberto Recchioni, from the formal point of view, then build a simple but effective the register referring to the videogame language from a side – always one of the sources of inspiration of the series – and to a certain school to steampunk to japanese for some of the stylistic choices – Masamune Shirow just to mention the most obvious – that are mixed in a plot that sees the Juric “get off” in his subconscious to break down the limitations that have been imposed.

Ultimately, the album is well thought out, not only because it is linked in the final to the previous number in a systematic way but also because it represents a sharp contrast compared to that same number: here, Juric drops to reaffirm the choices made in life, even the most cynical and ruthless, the last month Ringo climbed the tower in search of salvation, and after colliding with ideally a his doppelganger tragic.

The formula of the various levels from the face allows the editorial team to outsource the graphic part of the register to a bevy of artists: Nicolò Assirelli, Francesca Vartuli, Pierluigi Minotti, Manuel Bracchi, Antonello Becciu, and Fernando Proietti deal with drawings while Stefania Aquaro, Alessia Pastorello and Adele Matera of the colors. The result, however, compared to other books, is not equally convincing indeed, there is no a pinch of heterogeneity with some sequence really well packaged that stand out compared to other devices that perform their task, always in an excellent way is clear, but that perhaps lack a bit of bite.

With only 4 albi before the finish line to this Heart of the Dragon definitely puts all the pawns on the chessboard of Orphans: Sam, it is time to sum up and to prepare for the grand finale?

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