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Published on Sep 20, 2017


On the New World, the day of reckoning is approaching: the moon of Cesar, the soldiers of general Petrov, Ringo, the assassin sent by the governor Garland, are all converging towards Sam and the children. The clash is now imminent, but the result, as ever, unpredictable, also because it seems that a new piece should still be placed on the chessboard of the planet...

Comes to the long-discussed mid-season finale for Orphans: Sam is a register... effective. Yes, because in the last numbers, the attention had been monopolized by Ringo especially, and, more in general, from Perseus and Andromeda, with this, however, Sam is back strongly to the charge.

The pin of the register, in fact, are two highly effective moments, introspective in which Sam “finds” herself and in which she discovers the skills that a new body, given to her by Martha Mad have conferred on renewing the policy of the primary.

If it is indeed Sam the focal point of the register we must not overlook the return – abundantly anticipated in the past few issues and the work of Marta The Mad – of Juric.

This return is perfectly functional in this last season: the duality of Sam/Juric is a return, in a manner almost circular, in that the duality of past/present of the first seminal season and it will be interesting to see how and if the authors will develop for the grand finale.

There is to say that the duo Monteleone/Recchioni frustrating because instead of conceiving a mid-season finale that focuses on the action or on the drama end in itself, they decided to unpack the narrative, confident in the goodness of the two moments of introspective mentioned above, and to rely on a storytelling essential.

If I was forced to look for a weak point of the album I would say would be the lack of a real cliffhanger, one that to be really mouth-watering to the reader. Here, instead, the cliffhanger is not that deliberately?, the most important part of the register but an integral part of the macro plot that will bring the final real.


The graphics part was very crowded with the drawings 8 the hands of Andrea Accardi, Simone Di Meo, Luca Casalanguida, Fabrizio Des Dorides which in spite of the styles are very different, they manage to pack a roll fairly homogeneous, the merit of an editorial team that chooses to have them draw pictures of the moments that are most suitable to their pencils, and in so doing enhancing their stroke and, in general, the success of the register.

In the construction of the table, simple but effective, also it shows the perfect harmony of the work of a team work that culminates in a tribute to the sensei Go Nagai during the second introspective moment of Sam where the line follows that of the brilliant mangaka.

Gigantic work to the colors of Alessia Pastorello, Andrea Moved and Giovanna Niro settling their palette and adapt to various designers with which they work but, above all, adopt various techniques – arriving at the minimalist black-and-white, even – to give an unexpected depth to the different moments of the comic.

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