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Published on Jul 12, 2018


Conceived for four hands by Mauro Uzzeo and Emiliano Mammucari, already a co-creator of the main series, Orphaned Land was without a shadow of a doubt, the spin-off the best of the project Orphans, which only ended a handful of weeks ago, not only because you take in an intelligent manner the saga of the main, while maintaining its distinctive characteristics, but, above all, because he had been able to re-read and expand on some of the issues that, inevitably, the main series had to set it aside, continuing his plots, and the evolution of its characters.

Orphaned Land – let's not forget that a mini-series of 3 numbers – it was concluded in march 2017, with the unlikely group composed of Miranda, Max, Cain, Bugs, Mud and Rat, ready to sail true the City of Lights, he had had to deal with the capture of Miranda. After little more than a year, Orphaned Land is back with this special Orphaned Land – the Way of the Future: Max, Cain and Miranda have passed the wall that separates the dead lands by what remains of the civilization, but Miranda is still in need of care and the Bugs dispersed.

The City of Lights it is also not the paradise that they had hoped to find. The fact that the city is a powder keg ready to explode, torn between the two rebel factions opposed to each other, led by Petra and Mercutio, and the military regime of the Colonels, who, with iron fist, using citizens as labor.

Will be the rebels to free Max, Cain and Miranda, offering them protection and medical care, but soon the three will be immischiati in a revolt for control of the city, which is also the last spaceport on Earth, and then the last hope to sail to the New World. Those who are in reality the Colonelli? Who is actually Mercutio? and what is the true story of Miranda? everything seems to be connected in an end of course open that you will develop in at least two new volumes that have cadence always annual.

Behind the subject of Orphaned Land – the Way of the Future – a work in eight hands of John Masi, Matteo Mammucari, Emiliano Mammucari, Mauro Uzzeo – that apparently seems to want to simply continue the epic story of the kids left on Earth, hides in fact a soul nervous and unpredictable.

Matteo Mammucari and Emiliano Mammucari decide to “overturn” the assumption of the mini-series, jumped over the wall, in the City of Lights is another jungle where there's the rule of the stronger, but with mechanisms more subtle and show up as the reality, while brutally extreme as that of the universe of the Orphan, the present those nuances, which also represent the most “painful” of growth.

From one side then the complicated political situation of the City, stripped of the trappings of science fiction, it becomes a mirror of our daily reality among the leading legitimate or assumed, that are so ready to be the mouthpiece of popular discontent, and populist, but underestimating, perhaps even consciously, the consequences of their words and pursuing so purposes of my own. On the other hand there are those who are cloaked in the rhetoric respectable desire of domination over others and in the middle there are our protagonists, who experience these contradictions by separating oneself and then finding oneself irrevocably changed, and even a bit suspicious of the world, of themselves and of other comrades, which until that time had entrusted blindly to their life.

In this sense, Orphaned Land – the Way of the Future is a book full of content but never cloying, thoughtful and action-packed.

In this sense, it is to underline the test capital of Luca Genovese pencil that gives perhaps his best performance ever. This is not only a stretch, modern, synthesized, a certain plasticity of the figures, clearly of american inspiration, with a dynamism of the action scenes of the clear matrix of japan but also of the care, almost manic, to the frames, and the construction of the table.

Obvious are the references to Katsuhiro Ōtomo and his seminal Akira in the architecture of the City of Lights and games of shots that break the perspective, giving the sense of a megalopolis so much post-apocalyptic as it still teeming with life. The construction of the table then it is extremely smart to accompany this sense of grandeur, resorting often to a layout unusual but tremendously effective with a cartoon long vertical on the right side and the smaller boxes on the left, one under the other, thus giving this sense of verticality.

Also great work on the colors of Luke Saponti that predilege a palette from the colors more realistic as possible while not forgetting to emphasize the effects of light and shades tend almost always to ochre, the character apocalyptic environments.

Orphaned Land – the Way of the Future is a great album, a special, which continues and expands the better the conversation started in the lucky spin-off, Orphaned Land and embellished with a graphical part is really excellent.

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