Orphan Sam: The Civil War – Review

Published on Apr 17, 2018

The final Orphan, Sam is now in the home stretch of arrival. Being the last season of the sci-fi saga of Bonelli's, these final episodes are the perfect opportunity to give a sense of completeness to the whole series. The civil war, the tenth register of Orphan Sam, is the preamble of this closing of the history of the Orphans. Not Sam, be careful, but Orphans. And there is a big difference.

For the duration of the saga, we have witnessed a handover of the role of the protagonist, a succession that has had only one constant: the presence of Jsana Juric. The rise of the Juric was the pivot on which development of the entire narrative arc of this series, putting this magnificent figure at the center of the struggles of the different actors. It was Pink, the Orphans original or Ringo, has always been the Juric to weave the strings of their fate.

It was inevitable that at the end, to bring down an enemy so relentless, it was necessary to join forces. And if the real world makes it impossible for this communion of intents, accomplices in the deaths of the previous protagonists, what could be more appropriate for the Gateway, the place where all the Orphans continue to live as consciousness, digital?

Recchioni and Monteleone did not want to create a register of any of the saga of Orphans, but you are thrown in the enterprise to create a sort of bridge that tie all of the previous series, showing the true structure of the saga of Orphans.

And the signs of this plot were present in all the books of the Orphan Sam, think of it well. Only that we were too caught up to focus on Ringo and Sam to realize that the Orphans could be seen as a complex, hyperkinetic family saga.

Ironic, the good think about it. Orphan, by definition, is someone who has no family, yet we have seen how we can create family ties that go beyond blood, and that they have a robustness and strength such that they cannot be cut with ease. In Orphan Sam we have seen the effort with which the second Ringo tries to find a place within a family that seems to want to, but finally recognizes him as a part of a clan.

Ditto for Sam, another figure that has never failed in seasons of Orphans. And I have to admit that seeing the role of the Brat across the entire Saga continues to be one of the most exciting. Certainly, figures such as Rosa and the two Ringo are not to be underestimated, but Sam is the one figure that, even if it's moving in the shadows or we see little, has a devastating burden on the plot, the consistency of the narrative that falls upon you when you least expect it.

I believe that it is not a coincidence that the last series of Orphan bear its name. And the civil War becomes yet another piece of the puzzle in Sam. We view die, resurrect, go crazy and regain his sanity, but the most emblematic of Sam is that it seems to be the only force able to counteract the excessive power of Juric. Both brought to life by technology, become the incarnation of a cult theocratic, the other emblem of a revolution which the Earth has gone to the New World.

But Jsana Juric has a weapon that puts you in a position of total advantage: his will. If in the real life has allowed us to create a titanic enterprise (rileggetevi the mini-series signed by Paola Barbato and we can talk about it!), in the Gateway, his will shapes the whole world. Can Sam deal with this power?

And now, in the moment more hard, that's the clan groups in its entirety. No one is excluded. Although, stop Juric, now rise to a condition which is more than human, all the Orphans are ready to fight, without brakes, like a family. And the sense of a circle finally closes is perceived in the whole of the register from small signals (“poor, little, frightened warriors“), in what seems to be an unavoidable fate, as always, scheduled from Juric.

Sequence built in a clean, exciting, extremely cinematic. The descent from the medium, the exchange of jokes and the poses of the extended family of the Orphans are a clear signal: you fight together, you die together. And the common enemy is a unifying force, as is well pointed out in his speech, Sam.

Behold, the eye, the use of the words and their presence. The speech rhythm of the Sam summarizes the entire saga of the Orphans, with precision and feeling, but without speeches, heroic or otherwise. There is anger, revenge, and the promise of violence. And to enhance this time, are the poses of the characters, are the silences, the cartoons to mute. In a, when a mother meets a son never seen, that silence is a blow to the heart, in that exchange of glances there is an ocean of words and emotions never spoken, but that embraces you and overwhelms.

The Civil war reiterates, just in case we had forgotten, that Orphan is not a series any. Covered by the jokes and action style of the 80's, there are a series of reflections that are just waiting to be picked. Seems to be a case, that in the days in which bursts yet another war that involves civilians, in this number of Orphans Sam you dirty in the ugliness of the revolutions, giving life to the insurgents that moment of horror of seeing the consequences of their actions.

Also in the New World had seen a fierce revolution and its tragic end, but here it goes further than that. The revolt of the Rose was far away, the population of Ithaca, lived with detachment. Here the war it rains literally from the sky, it distorts the world. Above all, for us readers, is the opportunity to see how Juric is willing to put in the game to achieve their goals.

As is customary, the graphic team of Orphans, Sam manages to bring all of this rich context of narrative on paper. For the civil War, the drawings are made by Luigi Formisano, Fabrizio Des Dorides, Pietrantonio Bruno, Giorgio Shoulder, Luca Maresca, Gianluca Maconi. The interesting aspect is that it is evidently the point at which the pencil passes of the hand, you do not lose the sense of continuity. Different styles, as it should be, but that keep the spirit of the work, without causing loss of rhythms in the dynamics. Thanks also to the great colors of the trio Adele Matera, Stefania Aquaro, Giovanna Niro.

As expected, great cover art of Carmine di Giandomenico (of which I will not say more because it would be to comment only the next) and lettering excellent, signed by Luke the String.

I admit that in the open the register, I felt a certain familiarity in the quote War Games, that welcomes the readers by making them understand how the now we games to go all out for the fate of Ithaca. And it is a final that promises to be particularly intense, since the last board of this issue of Orphan Sam.

The next chapter is waiting for us in the stands on the 16th of may, with the prophetic title of The End?

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