Oroscopo Paolo Fox-April 2018 for the balance: what will happen in this month?


Published on Feb 25, 2018


Paul Fox reveals to us, with his horoscope, as will the month of April 2018 for those born under the sign of libra. Regard to love, in this month, the couple relationships will not be particularly satisfactory, and there might be discussions. In work, the balance, after the first few months of the year, not just at the maximum, the situation tends a little to improve it and you will see results. The health is conditioned by the mental confusion, and we need to enhance their physical appearance in order to feel good about themselves. TO READ The HOROSCOPE 2018 PAUL FOX OF the BALANCE CLICK HERE. Let's see what will happen in the month of April 2018, according to the horoscope of Paul Fox of the balance.

Those born under the sign of libra can know how will be the month of April 2018, according to the horoscope of Paul Fox. Let's see how will be love, work and health. In love, the balance will not be fully satisfied by your relationship. In fact, there might be some problems related to the behavior of the other. All of this could be determined by a change caused for example by new business hours or new tasks. To impact on their feelings is the dissonance of the Sun, Mars and Mercury this month.

Who is related to the signs capricorn, aries and cancer must be careful because too long ago probably are presented of the problems. Retrieve a history is not very recommended, unless there is a strong conviction. It is possible that there are also interference from a third party, such as a relative. Try to handle everything with calm and avoid taking tough decisions.

In work, the balance, according to the horoscope of Paul Fox, there will be an improvement compared to the previous month. In April 2018, in spite of the anger there that you drag behind, you will be able to achieve a goal or get the results. Unfortunately, there's no shortage of difficulty from the economic point of view that may generate concern. You need to be good in trying not to be dominated by the anxiety. Those working in the weekend must pay attention to the contact with the customers, because Saturdays and Sundays are always a little tense. Job seekers can bet on a part-time in April you will be able to reach in the immediate all the things you are looking for.

According to the horoscope of Paul Fox, the health of the balance will be affected by the confusion in his head. This may make strain in the stomach more than it should. On April 15, 2018 is not recommended to do things that are too challenging for you to avoid striving too much. The balance must enhance, aesthetically, because for this sign look good in the mirror is indeed very important.

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