Orlando Curious and The Mystery of the Socks, Unpaired Teresa Root & Stefano Turconi | Review


Published on Jul 04, 2018


We always asked every time we open the drawer of the laundry: where is the other sock? ? Mom, dad, have you seen this for the case where it went to the sock on the right, the one with the hole on the big toe?

"I dunno, when I removed the stuff from the washing machine, I only found the one. Are you sure you avermeli data all and two? It is not that you have given me only one and the other is missing in action in that universe of piles of the dust that is under your bed?"


And from there, he snorts and takes another sock unpaired, relegated along with many others “cover the feet” orphans of brother, segregated in a dark corner and forgotten, of the tray. The day is not started with the “sock right” and it will always go worse. Also in the small island of Orlando, the same thing happens. The little protagonist of Orlando curious and the mystery of the socks lint is a child who attends the elementary school and live in a place where reigns an eternal spring, filled with "a scent so good, but so good that it fills you immediately the head of the fine things".

The inhabitants are all polite and friendly, help you by exchanging the products made with their hands, and there are no wars, envy, and sadness. Until it happens a strange fact: Orlando wakes up in the morning, and, on the chair where he laid the clothes on the previous night, is only one of the two socks that he had prepared. Forced to wear two different design, Orlando slowly realizes they are not the only one having this problem. The inhabitants of the island begin to become, strangely, more grumpy, less gentle, more gloomy. So our little adventurer puts it into gear and discover what lies behind this strange phenomenon.

Are unstoppable travel comic of the pair of authors (as well as in real life), Teresa Radice, Stefano Turconi, that bring to the small players on the island of Orlando for the second time. After the publishing successes of The Port Prohibited and, more recently, Not getting tired of go, the two authors turn again to an audience of children, posting the new story of Orlando to the series, “BaBao” of the publishing house Bao Publishing.

The 48 pages flow like an album of drawing of a child, with pencils by Stefano Turconi that make real-world adventures from the thrill of the small Orlando, and all the inhabitants of the island! Teresa Root, however, is chatting all the characters in the story with whom the law, changing several times in the narrative: the captions speak directly with Orlando, with the little reader, and even with himself! The volume is perfect as a first reading for children during the summer, to keep propped up on legs, to browse and fill your eyes with bright colors.

All the ingredients present in this story are ideal for travel with the imagination in search of new games and chores to do, even with objects of daily use such as socks.

Orlando Curious and The Mystery of the Socks, Unpaired Teresa Root & Stefano Turconi | Review of




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