Orlando Bloom and the strange coexistence...


Published on Sep 11, 2019


The actor told of having found a snake in the garden and have it taken care of

Orlando Bloom told a story very particular to the program The Late Show with James Corden. In fact, the family Bloom would have hosted a snake as a pet. The actor has held in the house of the reptile, and for two weeks, also overcoming the understandable fears of the son.

But it is enough for the birth of a sentiment of affection towards the newcomer, to which was given the name of Wilbur. In a few days the son of Flynn is to become a great friend of the animal. Orlando said: “I was afraid of snakes, but I like to face my fears. I was in the garden with my son Flynn and I saw the snake. He was afraid, so I've got it and I kept it in hand. This snake was really good! We called Wilbur and we wanted very well.”

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However, Flynn had to say goodbye to his new friend. “Started not to eat, so we put it exactly where we found it. But in the end I overcame my fears, and the same is true for my son. It will take another into captivity.

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Everything seems to be going for the best, even from the point of view of the sentimental. Orlando Bloom and his girlfriend Katy Perry really does seem like a step away from the marriage. The couple have defined the last details of the ceremony, but there is no hurry. It will be an intimate party with a few invited guests. Sure, the two seem to get along well.

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