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Published on Mar 13, 2020


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When we speak of “heart”, falling in the rhetoric and in the phrases is a risk of highly probable, and yet in these days and in this historical situation, overwhelming and provocative, I felt very close and comforting, the book of the Corinna Luyken, my heart. Far from the idea that wants to classify, define, characterize the emotions and the feelings that are tangled in the human breast – the idea that I aborrisco! – My heart reminds us that we are made of all shades and of all excesses, of all the reactions and all the thoughts that are born in the impattarsi with the world, but above all, we are creatures that you can choose.

The author and illustrator of the american employs the metaphorical language and images are realistic and symbolic at the same way, where the heart appears as a button (notice the color spread unevenly, which seems to throb!) essence yellow canary.

"My heart is a window, my heart is slippery. Can be closed from my heart, or fully open"

Through images that are more or less transparent, causing the reader to empathize and to imagine, through boards dominated by black, the yellow heart shows her to be the muscle alive, sentient, capable of being impressed by what happens.

Sometimes, in fact, the heart turns yellow boots excited and happy to splash around in the puddles, but sometimes the dark clouds are a covering to him with arrogance, sometimes "tiny" petal yellow that should be cherished and cared for, but still, the heart is not a object defenceless, it grows, changes, gives the fruit, you get angry, get upset, she persists, and away from the other and then she sings, it breaks... That heart is us, that the heart is the most sensitive and emotional of us, but it is not a rudder inevitable that there sbatacchia towards routes-reactive and over which we have no power.

Retracing the pages, one realizes that the metaphor is prevalent is that of the plant cultivated, harvested, re-planted. The heart is, therefore, a body of which to take care of, subject to life and its adversities, but unexpectedly stable, when it takes root, and, above all, bright.

The pictures are of the everyday life and to understand and illustrate the experiences that the children will be able to reconnect to their daily lives: the water upside-down on the drawing, the games with the friend in tight under a blanket, charm and under a starry sky... but also clear only the emotion that know how to communicate, like the sad kid sitting next to a closed gate.

The use of black, gray and white is ideal to bring out the strength and vigour of yellow, a heart that is an emanation of the person and invests the world, and the circumstances.

"Closed or open... it just depends on me"

Behold, the ending of the book really struck me, because it shows how the heart is part of the person, and the choice of the margin of freedom that everyone has: the location of the heart the you choose.

"what is broken can be repaired and a closed heart, you can always re-open"

A book inspiring (by 4 years, and then with greater awareness), full of possibility and freedom, dedicated to the fears of each, but especially of the great strength that everyone possesses, to choose to keep our hearts open to all that the day offers, in any condition.

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