Only, you will make the third season? Here is the decision of Mediaset

Published on Oct 26, 2018

Tonight airs the final round of the series with Marco Bocci

This evening at 21:15 on Channel 5 will air the fourth episode of ‘Only 2’, the series with Marco Bocci. A fiction that, despite that expectation has proved a resounding success with the public. In the appointment of today there will be the big epilogue. After listening to the satisfactory of two years ago, the production house, Taodue had decided to make a sequel putting in the yard the other four episodes. It will happen the same thing after tonight's finale?

The second season of ‘Only’ with Marco Bocci is way below expectations. In detail, the three episodes already aired have not exceeded the 2 million viewers and a maximum of 12% of share. Numbers that are too low for a television series, transmitted on the first network Mediaset.

All of the appointments were clearly beaten by the competitors, or by ‘Such a Show’ of Carlo Conti, and even doubled the numbers. In addition, by comparing the first and the second season of ‘Only’, we can note a sharp decrease in listening to. It has gone from 16% to 12% share.

At this point, fans of the drama want to know if it will be made of the third season of ‘Only’. According to listen to, and at the end of the story, hardly Mediaset) Taodue will work on a sequel. Apparently the latter two were going to point to the new season of ‘Last’ with Raoul Bova, and also to ‘Rosy Abate, the 2-series. Even if there is an official confirmation, the viewers probably will have to settle for only two editions of ‘Only’ with Marco Bocci.

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