Only me, two of my girlfriends and Paris.


Published on Nov 10, 2014


Hello guys, today I want to tell you something a bit special that I did last week.

For the fifteenth birthday of a friend of mine, her grandmother gave her a trip to Paris, with the possibility to invite two friends who accompanied us. I was one of two lucky friends, who would have lived three days in the French capital entirely by the sun, in the home of their grandmother in Saint-Germain-des-Pres.

We left Friday, October 31, and we're back to Monday 3 November.

Here is everything that I have done in those 3 days with a lot of photos that I took with my iphone.



Here we are, at the airport of Malpensa, the faces are the ones that are, were very happy, but also very concerned about losing the plane.

What amused me most was imagining being in a movie, I have to admit that I was the most exalted of all, I continued to jump, to sing, to imagine how they were those days, for the first time alone in a big and charming city like Paris.

My real and only problem was that for the first time decollavo without giving a hand to mother, who had by now become a tradition, but there was no problem I gave it to my friend, even though it was not really very happy ahahha ��

It was quite early when we left and during the trip, what we saw from the top was spectacular!!

You arrive at the airport in Paris because we were tired we thought we'd take a taxi, because so much of the grandmother of my friend had said that it was cheap.

We spent 65 euros, just a little eh. This was the only bummer of the weekend, we did weigh much less of the portfolio...

After this horrible adventure we are going to take the keys of the apartment in a supermarket where he worked, also the lady that keeps the keys of the apartment from her grandmother, and we took the opportunity to do a bit of shopping. The first dinner in paris was at the base of humbuger packed stuffed with a lot of mayonnaise from the stars evil and coca-cola.

You will notice that we are not go in any restaurant super because the taxi has traumatized a lot, but never as much as the price of a cappuccino at any bar, it went from 6.30 € to 8.00!!!

But since we had nothing in the house, we were forced to put in a bar, spending 11 euros for a “breakfast Menu” where you order the less they were including a cappuccino, a brioche and a fruit salad.

We decided to do the mattiniere and visit to the maximum city, but without too many tourist things, in fact, what we did was find the vintage markets of the city and the large market.


In Paris when you look at a map of the metro it seems very difficult to move, because there are many lines that you interdicano the one with the other, but it is very simple and much more convenient, for example Milan or Rome.


For students under 24 years of age, the daily ticket for the metro costs only 3, 75 euro, and you can turn in zones 1 and 3 or 1 and 5.

The metro near our house was the M4, we were directed to our first flea market, Saint-Ouen, x, which is possible to reach it with the M4 (bus stop: Porte de Clignancourt) or with the M13, and there is every Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Reading on the internet of this market it was said there were more than 2,500 stalls selling cds, books, clothes and antiques, but honestly was not very satisfactory because many of the stalls were of the stuff that's chinese and a bit “kitsch”, while we were looking for something a little more refined and unique. Anyway, it was always useful to know the city.

Our second destination was a vintage store that I had recommended, close to Les Halles, reached by the M4 in the direction Châtelet.

I definitely recommend it to all! The shop is called KILIWATCH, and was full of high-waist trousers, Levi's just 30 euros, a lot of leather jackets, shoes, t-shirts, 80's style, for both women and for men. In addition to selling used things there were also clothes of the fashion, young-onset. Really a shop where you can get lost for hours.

I bought some beautiful black jeans!!

Come lunch time, how could we ignore Subway? That goodness.

The area of Les Halles is really very beautiful, there are a lot of ways, a bit crowded with lots of cafes of every type.


After the meal super tourist walk we went to the Louvre, was not so long... However it was worth the effort because it is truly a wonder. My artistic vein was over a thousand.

We are not revenue in the museum, because there was a lot of queue and it takes a day to see it all, plus I had already seen a few years ago, with my. So from the Louvre we moved on to Place de la Concorde, the beautiful, and especially in the hour of the sunset, there were a lot of colors in the sky, a great show.

Here my friend had the brilliant idea of buying candy, he spent 15 euro, after this second terrible emptied wallets were distorted, so we decided to do the super tourists and we took a “Bike taxi” which took us from here up to the Tour Eiffel.

It was a great idea as well this with is 25 euro, we did see quite a bit of the tourist part of Paris, which divided the three the end it was not an exorbitant price.

The guy on the bike gave us a photo, we took advantage and the right to not only do selfie obscene.

Unfortunately, I was the only one of the three that I wanted to climb the tower, and so I lost, but in fact there was really a lot of the queue and we would have lost a lot of time.

It was six in the evening and so we decided to sit in the gardens just behind the Eiffel tower, to decide what to do in the evening.




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