Only: A Star Wars Story – Here are the comics and novels that will delve into the film


Published on Feb 18, 2018


Only: A Star Wars Story, the long-awaited movie of the saga starring the young Han solo, it will not be followed by a promotional event of the size of those views for The Last Jedi, or Rogue One. This has not prevented Lucasfilm to prepare stories that tie-in, that is, of the stories that help us to get in tune with what we will see in the film.

With less than three months left before the premiere of Only: A Star Wars Story, thanks to a service of Entertainment Weekly, we can find out the details about the novels and the comic books that will delve into the world of Only: A Star Wars Story.

This is not a true ‘trip to‘, but more of an interesting range of stories that have as a focus for Han solo, Lando Calrissian, and Chewbacca, as well as new characters that will pop-up in this long-awaited spin-off of Star Wars.

Fans can expect the usual range of novels, comics, and guides that have now become the rule in the lee of the outputs of the new Star Wars films, with proposals for publishers such as Del Rey, Marvel Comics and IDW.

The creative director of Lucasfilm Publishing, Michael Siglain, spoke of the different stories that we can expect, dealt with a timing that may accompany you to the exit Only: A Star Wars Story, at least for the american market.

This novel takes place in three different moments of the life of Han solo and Lando, including events that we will see in the spin-off, in A new hope, and after The return of the jedi.

“Part of this novel takes place before Only, and have as a protagonist Lando and L3-37. A part is held between Only and A new hope, and focuses on Han and Chewie, and here we see appear for the first time Healthy Starros. Finally, a part is set after return of The Jedi, and it's where we see Han, Leia, a young Ben Only, and where Lando comes in the story”

Hear about Healthy Starros will prick up their ears to the fans of Marvel comics, given that in these publications was introduced for the first time the figure of the wife of Han solo, during the handling of Jason Aaron and John Cassady.

“We bounce over time. We wanted to tell a story that has as protagonists, Han and Lando after The return of the Jedi. At the same time, we liked very much the idea to create a contrast by showing the moments of old on their youth. A crime lord will be in search of the owner of the Millennium Falcon, but mistakenly thinks that Han was at the time when it was still in the hands of Lando, which involved him in something that Han did to his guilt. After so many years, the two have to solve a problem that they have caused a lot of time before”

Dedicated to fans who want to discover more about the character of Emilia Clarke in Only: A Star Wars Story, Qi'ra, and show how she and Han are well-known.

“It will be a story about a Han solo younger, we will see how was life for these two young people of Corellia to survive in the streets of this industrial world. Are without the dubious children of their environment, and this history shows how”

Marvel Comics is back in action with a story on the bettor the most beloved of the Star Wars galaxy, posting the second mini-series dedicated to Lando Calrissian. It is a prequel of Only, will be posted after the premiere of the film and will contain references to what we will see in the room.

“It will be focused on Lando, referring to an incident that happens shortly before the film, with a story starring Lando and L3. Leaving the screening of the film, we think that everyone will want to read more about Lando!”

In the tradition of Lucasfilm in the last artbook, could not miss a publication with tons of new information and insights on the development of Only: A Star Wars Story.

“This is another of those beautiful art books that show the creative processes that led to the creation of this film. You will see the evolution of it Only through this book, and the insight that Phil has picked up from all those who have worked on the production are incredible”


Exactly as for Star Wars: The Last Jedi - The Visual Dictionary, this new foray into the deep knowledge of the lore of Star Wars has been built with the extensive preparation by Pablo Hidalgo

“This volume combines the popular format of a Visual Dictionary with a part of the cross-section. We have analysis of the characters, props, vehicles, and technology that we see in the film. And it is written by Pablo Hidalgo, which reassures us that when all is said is totally correct!”

This book for young readers combines different elements of the Star Wars universe, as the Wookie of the most beloved of the universe will interact with a cat Loth seen in Star Wars Rebels and the droid known Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

” Chewbacca considers it a stupid job by a baby sitter, not only will have to solve a thorny situation, but also to save Han solo! You will eventually have to deal with what looks like a droid cargo , but readers will recognize immediately the K-2SO, who is on a mission to Cassian Andor”

This story starring Han will be launched inside of an event tied to the Free Comic Book Day, and will continue in numbers 10 and 11 of the anthology series for IDW. See Han and Chewie struggle with the bounty hunters Zuckuss and 4-LOM

“They will be chased by bounty hunters while traveling to a planet that does not know. Once in the atmosphere , it turns off everything, and the Falcon crashes into the water. Everything on that planet is devoid of energy, and no technology seems to work. When will be able to find a way to escape, you realize you've made a huge mistake, given that the planet is alive, and attacks them!”

These are the main outputs related to the launch of solo: A Star Wars Story, but there will be other products, such as a novel series Choose your destiny, a new book of the Little Golden Book, and a new edition to a young audience of the comic-Chewbacca from Marvel Comics, created by Gerry Duggan and Phil Noto.

You don't have exact dates on any outputs Italian of these titles, but definitely the Italian fans will have the opportunity to recover these interesting insights on Only: A Star Wars Story.

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