OnePlus 5T : problems with streaming HD

Published on Dec 12, 2017

Emerge the first problems for the OnePlus 5T, the flagship smartphone of OnePlus, released less than a month on the market. The bug in question raises some doubts because it seems absurd to think that a display that supports HD video not be able to play streaming high-definition video.
In fact, the streaming on the main sites such as Netflix, Google Play Movies and Amazon Prime Video is only available in standard quality.
The issue has been put to light by a user on a forum of OnePlus, and is not a programming flaw, as it is a matter of rights.

OnePlus 5T supports Widevine DRM Level 3 , a certificate that allows the streaming of videos only in standard formats. For HD streaming you need to Widevine Level 1, without which the fault of the security mechanisms of the videos are pixilated.
The use of DRM, i.e. digital rights management, is a question rather thorny with regard to the freedom on the internet. The DRM should, at least in theory, to protect the copyright through the use of metadata and encryption to make identifiable legal content, and block those that are not authorized.
The risk with this type of technology, as noted by many activists for the freedom of the web, is an absolute control of the content of the major, which may impose restrictions for example on the number of connected devices, or the village of playback.

The guru of computing, Richard Stallman has defined precisely the DRM as Digital Restrictions Management, namely, management of digital restrictions.
The danger of management by a few of the internet you can turn into a threat to all, as demonstrated by the scandal of the 2005 Sony, which via a mechanism, DRM, bad infected with a rootkit about half a million computers, using 4 million CD.


Through a spokesman, the chinese company has now promised a resolution to the problem provided with the next update, without specifying the reason for which the certificate of level 3 had been omitted.
It seems absurd to such a forgetfulness for the OnePlus 5T with display from 6-inch 1080p supported by Snapdragon processor 835 and 6GB of RAM, and then perfectly able to support HD streaming.

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