One-Punch Man: the director of the anime talks about the animated series


Published on Aug 19, 2017


Shingo Natsume, the director behind the highly successful transposition of animated One-Punch Man is based on the manga of the same ONE and Yusuke Murata, has held an interview recently in which he spoke of the animated series and what makes it affected to create the product that achieved success in the mass.

Natsume has created the animated series One-Punch Man taking inspiration from Space Dandy, an animated comedy japanese, which was transmitted for the first time in 2014. Space Dandy, according to the Director, she has influenced a lot the colors and the design of the history of Saitama. Here are the words of Natsume:

“I was abroad and as I watched for the first time, Space Dandy, I not only understood the reasons for what was popular, but also that I had to highlight the fan of One-Punch Man even more. In abroad I had the opportunity to watch it with the people of the place live. Therefore, I was able to understand in which parts of the script they would have had reactions.“

Natsume also knew that this project would reach so many people all over the world, so it would have to meet the needs of all. In addition, another detail that has helped the Director to understand that the project would be a success was that viewers of the rest of the world was not so different from japanese ones.

“I am happy that the approach of spectators all over the world for One-Punch Man has been a success. I created this project with the intention of receiving positive feedback“.

Remember that One-Punch Man has inspired an animated series, consisting of 12 episodes aired from 4 October to 20 December 2015. In Italy, thanks to the Dynit, was transmitted simultaneously with Japan, with subtitles, on the streaming platform VVVVID. From 12 January 2016, the dubbed version in Italian of the anime is streamed on the same platform. A second season has been announced for 2017 and is in production at the time.

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One-Punch Man: the director of the anime talks about the animated series is




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