One Punch-Man: new shots for Saitama, and information about the Classes Hero


Published on Apr 18, 2019


Fubuki, or the devil, better known as the Torments of Hell in the Italian version of the anime, is the charming first classified in Class B, as well as the younger sister of Tatsumaki or Tornado, or even Tornado of Terror, the runner-up of the Class S.

Both girls are powerful esper, and therefore can rely on their psychic powers. Well, Blizzard appears in front of Saitama with a proposal for him. From here, follow a box full of information on this system of classification of the heroes.


Fubuki keeps an eye on the Lineup for a while, so he decides to go to him to ask if you want to join her; otherwise, Blizzard will not in any way the sticks between the wheels, while to prevent him from climbing the Class Hero.

Despite the fact that a Cloak Skinned, do not care absolutely nothing of the certain mechanical properties, from the dialog box reveals a hard truth: it is not possible to reach the summit alone, because in addition to fighting Beings with Mysterious heroes are also engaged in an internal struggle, which raises a question: these heroes are opposed to the monsters that threaten the Earth to protect the humans, or only to satisfy their boastful ego?

Whatever the answer to this question is different for every single hero, since we're talking about individuals, and independent of, the certain thing is that the heroes of the highest Class are virtually impossible to defeat, and it is for this reason that they hold firmly to their first places in the various categories to which they belong.

Another detail that emerges from the vision of the episode is a further confirmation of the fact that the system of subdivision of the heroes is decidedly erroneous: the Torments of Hell, notice that two of the most popular heroes of the S-Class, Genos and King, you come to Saitama, a miserable hero of Class B, with the greatest respect, and who consider him their mentor: how can such a thing be possible? Even you on paper is superior to it, yet it seems that there's more: as she herself, Saitama “is not”normal".

The place in the ranking, therefore, does not reflect the actual potential of the individual heroes, and the reason was clear since the first serious: it is not possible to imprison human beings, with all their facet, a system that uses the same yardstick for everyone, because a similar methodology flattens all of those differences that make an individual stand-alone this, resulting, therefore, fallacious.

As seen from the Fubuki will push it to reconsider its position: certainly Saitama never joins you and her, but perhaps, in view of its destructive power, would be a better idea to do the opposite.

But have no fear, in the episode there were only the chatter: after the bloody clash between Goro and some of the strongest heroes on the planet, in which this human being, between the monsters has declared open war on the heroes, a section on interesting and absolutely hilarious, concerns the clash between Sonic the Supersonic, a guy that the same Storm will notice be so strong that it can easily occupy a place among the heroes of the S Class and which is a self-proclaimed antagonist of Saitama, the latter Genos: for the occasion, Saitama will have of the new HITS to be SERIOUS!


One Punch-Man: new shots for Saitama, and information about Classes, Hero is




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