One-Punch Man: mourning for Yusuke Murata


Published on May 15, 2019


Yusuke Murata, the author behind the designs of the printed version of One-Punch Man, is known throughout the world for his talented style and appreciation for the art of graphic design applied to a webmanga that is beautiful, from the aesthetic point of view, not had much use due to a lack of ONE (a genius, on the other hand, of the screenplay).

The author is tireless and most times has decided to present chapters with over 100 pages, and this emphasizes how hard-working, but also he is a human, and as such is forced to face grief.

In this sense, through Twitter, the japanese author has released the sad news of the loss of your dad. Here are the words of condolences:

“My dad flew in the sky and I would simply thank him and remember him. Thank you all for your kind words“.


— 村田雄介 (@NEBU_KURO) May 10, 2019

Also the brother of Murata, Kensuke Murata, has spent two words:

“Our father flew away this morning.“


— 村田謙介 (@KensukeMurata) May 10, 2019

We gather around the pain of the author for his loss.

One-Punch Man is published in Italy by Planet Manga.

The second season of the animated is currently being broadcast in Japan. In Italy you can watch it legally, for free and with subtitles in Italian on VVVVID.

One-Punch Man: mourning for Yusuke Murata is




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