One Punch Man II – Episode 8: the strength of The strong | Review


Published on May 29, 2019


One Punch Man is a really good parody of the shonen fighting, which he likes to subvert and deconstruct the stylistic features most classic: after the Martial Arts Tournament, now appear before the eyes of the fans, another topos of the genre: the temptation to become strong and powerful by accepting the offers and help, not without the double purpose, of the enemy.


You know, many of the characters of a shonen fighting have as their main aim is to become one day the person (or being) the more strong of the world, or at least reach a level of power that enables them to achieve a particular purpose: think, for example, to Vegeta, who chooses to accept the power offered to you by Majin Buu while to beat Goku or Sasuke, that he welcomes within himself the Sign Cursed by Orochimaru to become strong enough to kill his older brother Hitachi.

In our specific case, some people Mysterious are breaking in the Martial Arts Tournament after its conclusion, propose to the athletes and to the Heroes and Professionals who took part in a choice, even if, to take the matter true, the same is pretty wizard: if you decide to eat one of the Cells of Beings Mysterious offered to them, they will become stronger and be free to do what they want in the new world that will be led by Beings Mysterious, which, of course, exclude a priori that human beings may never be able to beat them; otherwise, will be killed on the spot.

A temptation is definitely very strong, at least for three of the categories of combatants is very different between them, even as they were moved to make their own choices from the different feelings that dominate them in that moment

Some of them, therefore, choose to eat those cells without be there penasre too, while others, such as the beautiful and charming Suiryu, will oppose a choice of life that them turn into monsters horrifying.


Suiryu is a character very ambiguous: he is incredibly strong, even more than some of the Heroes of the Class, and has certainly not afraid to throw himself into the fray when it comes to show off; however, these motives are somewhat questionable: the boy would like to become a Hero Trader to earn good money and continue to have fun devoting himself to the good life, and in this case I will choose to fight Beings are Mysterious not so much because he is motivated by some sense of justice, but rather because he wants to get to the test and may not accept to become a monster himself.

Suiryu will not be alone in his challenging battle, but nevertheless, it is evident that he was in serious danger of being tortured and then killed. There is only one man in the world who could save the situation and lives of these boys, a man that shows very little in the episode, but whose appearance in the final scenes suggests that we will see the beautiful in the next installment of One Punch Man: Cloak Skinned is back!

The second season of One-Punch Man is distributed in simulcast with Japan, legally and for free here by us in Italy by the online platform VVVVID. I remember, finally, that there is a new episode every Tuesday night starting from 20:00 hours.

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