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Published on May 15, 2019


Also the last episode of the second season of One-Punch Man, such as the one that preceded it, which you can find here my review, we showed a series of fights that take place in different places: on the one hand, we have the Martial Arts Tournament just started, where they have been admitted as participants in both of the Heroes, Professionals, ordinary citizens, experts in the discipline, while the other continues the attack of the Beings Mysterious in the streets of the city, putting in difficulty and in danger of life, the Heroes who are trying to fight this terrible threat.

The difference being, however, happened in the previous installment of the series, however, in this special occasion you will see how these two combat scenarios, one real and the other purely for demonstration and competitive, are based in between them, creating thus a situation of danger and alarm and much more.


The great protagonists of the battles that are taking place in the city will be the first Hero of the S-Class Genos, disciplined disciple of the Hero of the Class C well-known with the code name Coat Peeled, and the sisters esper Fubuki, first runner-up of Class of Heroes, B, and Tatsumaki, ranked second in Class S and the older sister of the first girl.

Genos will prove to be at the height of the clashes that will see it as the protagonist, thanks to a gadget special all-new Oni Cyborg, as they have started calling it the inhabitants of the city, is to install a newly: designed in principle to be an effective defense against rapid-fire attacks to the shoulders of Sonic the Supersonic, Genos will be forced to use them also, and for the first time not against the guy fast, but against a Mysterious Being.

However, ONE always takes the time to reflect, even if briefly, its characters, contributing in this way to shape the character: Genos does not matter very much to use this new toy against a real enemy, but does not incur you to appeal against Sonic, because this would mean to admit that that kid moves faster than him.

Therefore, his opponent does not seem to worry you any, but its presence disturbs the reflection and the meditation to which the Genos you are leaving just because pushed from a clash that, however, is not so stimulating: that Genos is starting to look more and more like his Master, the apathetic Saitama, because he fails to find opponents to his height as possible to give the best of themselves and put in a circle a good dose of adrenaline?


Fubuki had started to fight against a Mysterious Being really sexy, Do-S, call Sadoma in the Italian version of the anime, and that has the ability to turn into their slaves all those who manage to hit her with the whip. Gggrrrrrrr!

And yet, his attack seems to have no effect against Fubuki: the girl has a strength of will out of the ordinary, however, knows perfectly well not to be at the height of his older sister Tatsumaki, which, probably alerted by his psychic perception of the wounds suffered in the battle by Fubuki, he is falling on the spot at very high speed.


After seeing jump in the air and set fire to entire portions of the city, behold, moving the attention towards the Martial Arts Tournament, and finally we can see Saitama/Charanko fight on this prestigious ring for the first time!

Let's just say that it is not difficult to foresee the outcome, but there is something more interesting that happens during the Tournament, and concerns the clash that sees as protagonists Sneck, Hero Trader last ranked Class A, and Suiryu, a martial artist is a bit sui generis.

Sneck begins his reflection, while it is already in the ring, a bit like Genos before him, and it is evident that the two rivals are very different among them: Sneck has now become insecure of their own ability as Beings Mysterious became stronger and stronger, forcing him to admit his own impotence. So, now the man can wonder what could be the future of the Heroes in the Pros, if even among the common people there are people like that that you are finding a deal at this time.

On the other hand, we have instead a character that personality-wise he is the opposite of Sneck: Suiriyu has a natural talent that predisposes incredibly well to the practice of the martial arts, to the point that he admits candidly that he never coached in the last four years (instead of Saitama, which, instead, he trained for a year to become bald in order to reach his level of strength, at least According to her own words...).

The guy is so certain of his victory that arrives to ask a Sneck if it is so simple to become a Hero Trader, seeing that he is part of the Class and is not that great.

But it does not end here: Suiryu continues to cause Sneck speaking bluntly, and confides the real reason for which he would like to become a Pro Hero: the vil money.

After seeing so many blows, then, here reached the end of the episode with the intrusion of the Martial Arts Tournament Beings Mysterious, by now totally out of control.

The second season of One-Punch Man is distributed in simulcast with Japan, legally and for free here in Italy the online platform VVVVID.

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