One Piece – World Seeker: new DLC with Sabo and Trafalgar Law


Published on Apr 27, 2019


Double the number 23 and 24 of "Weekly Shonen Jump", which is available from today in Japan from today to purchase, will reveal that One Piece: World the Seeker will host two new episodes DLC in which it will be possible, respectively, to play in the role of Sabo and Trafalgar D. Water Law.

According to the magazine, the episode of Sabo will come in the fall, while Law will be playable later in the next winter. Remember that both the " alternative stories for the characters mentioned will be available as DLC for a fee and that summer will arrive on the first episode with the protagonist Zoro Games.

This is definitely a great opportunity for the fans who will feel even more encouraged to try the title as, regularly, the only playable character is Monkey D. Luffy.

The episode of Luffy, Episode 1: The Void Mirror Prototype, adds 4 hours of story in a location completely new. The episode runs parallel to the main mission of Luffy and provides players the opportunity to slice all with the unique combat style of Zoro.

In One Piece: World-Seekers, the players can control only the character of Monkey D. Luffy's intention in the exploration of the Prison Island which has been devastated by a war several months ago. It is now in the process of reconstruction under the jurisdiction of the Navy and the World Government. The players will take part in missions delegated by the inhabitants of the island and grow the experience and skills of Luffy in order to take down stronger enemies.

Source: gematsu

One Piece – World Seeker: new DLC with Sabo and Trafalgar Law is




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