One Piece – World Seeker: images, details and release date of the DLC Trafalgar Law


Published on Oct 07, 2019


Through a press release Bandai Namco Entertainment reveals the first details about the 3rd DLC dedicated to One Piece: World the Seeker by means of which the players will take control of Trafalgar Law, and they will know a new character in the universe of ONE PIECE, Roule.

Part of the Season Pass or can be downloaded (for a consideration) individually, on the way to Skypiea in search of some stones, Dyna, Trafalgar Law, collects an “incomplete map” that shows accurately the geography of the island. This map, in fact, belongs to a guy named Nancy, and was given to him by his father, who died during the war. Together, they decide to head to Skypiea. Their journey will take them directly to the prison of the Sky...

In One Piece: World-Seekers, the players can control only the character of Monkey D. Luffy's intention in the exploration of the Prison Island which has been devastated by a war several months ago. It is now in the process of reconstruction under the jurisdiction of the Navy and the World Government. The players will take part in missions delegated by the inhabitants of the island and grow the experience and skills of Luffy in order to take down stronger enemies.

The adventure of Law, entitled “The Unfinished Map”, will arrive in the course of the Winter of 2019, and to pay homage to the first details, the publisher has released the images. Here is to you below:

A "map unfinished" will lead to an unexpected encounter in the next chapter of the ONE PIECE WORLD SEEKER!
Episode 3: The Unfinished Map will be released this winter.#onepiece

— BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment-Italy (@BandaiNamcoIT) October 7, 2019

The Season Pass of One Piece: World the Seeker includes three DLC with different stories:

ONE PIECE WORLD SEEKER is available from march 15, 2019 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

One Piece – World Seeker: images, details and release date of the DLC Trafalgar Law is




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