One Piece – What is the Will of the D.?


Published on Jul 02, 2019


In the world of One Piece created by the Master Eiichirō Oda, several of the characters bear in their name a mysterious “D.”. But what is its true meaning? And what we really know of the mysterious “Will of D.”? Let's analyze briefly the lives of those who, up to this moment, we know to be the bearers of the Will of the D.

Are only 9 characters so far known which lead to the mysterious letter in their name, and each of them has become the protagonist of business, unique in their kind. Also, you can see how many are related to one of them or in some way related to one another:

The first time that someone has asked to Eiichirō Oda, which was the significance of the D. in the name of Luffy, the Master said that he would later revealed. Even if we still don't know what it refers to precise, however, we have some interesting information about it:

It would seem that those who carry the D. in their name share some particular characteristics:

For it remains still a mystery, the meaning of the letter D. within the names of some of the characters of One Piece, it would seem clear that these people share a similar fate with regard to their aspirations or even their last moments of life, as we have seen previously.

When it appears to be a Carrier of the D., it is commonly thought that they are in view of the enormous changes on a global scale, in good or in evil, such as wars, changes in Government and the beginning of a New Era (Gol D. Roger has given way to the Era of the Pirates, Monkey D. Luffy has sanctioned the beginning of a New Era of Piracy in the wake of the upheavals caused by the events of Marineford and the death of Whitebeard, one of the Four Emperors of the Seas, which had planned that she was going to have the beginning of a New Era in which, however, there would have been no place for him).

In addition, both Gol D. Roger Whitebeard spoke of “a Will Inherited” that is passed on from generation to generation together with the letter D. in their name, and it is for this reason that killing one of them will always be completely useless, because the flame of their Will (think of those Gol D. Roger and his son, Portgas D. Ace) will continue to burn in the hearts of the other Bearers of the D. as long as this same Desire will not be fulfilled.

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