One Piece: the size of Luffy squirts to the stars!


Published on Apr 09, 2019


Recently ended a saga, rather than that of Whole Cake Island, in what really happened of all. The events and the hustle and bustle apocalyptic caused by the Straw hats and their crazy Captain, have been reported very soon in the newspapers, because the Morgans, an important journalist of the assault, was among those invited to the Tea Party, bridal organized by Big Mom, and therefore has not hesitated to publish in the shortest possible time the latest news concerning the most recent events of Tottoland.

Of course, the Navy can not ignore this, for which the size of Luffy, and Luffy, for different reasons, are retouched much, and ironically both, for different reasons, are not happy of what they read its their new posters to be sought: while for Luffy the main problem is the combination of his hated family of origin, the Vinsmoke, for Luffy the problem is another: the same amount of its new size.


How it changed the size on the head of the cook tiracalci Luffy, it was natural that it should undergo some modification also that of his Captain. At least, this is what they all expect, and Straw Hat included, but something seems to have gone in the right direction: remember that Mugiwara in the previous episode it was suddenly and strangely depressed after reading her new poster to be sought after? Well, finally the mystery will be revealed! While the size of Luffy has soaring, that of Luffy's, according to him, was lowered: now, the head on for years now lies for the Straw Hat once belonged to Gol D. Roger and Shanks the Red then shifted from the value of 500 million to just 150 million of the Berry, this is really unexplainable to anyone.

The crew of Mugiwara try to comfort him as best she can, those words, those with the food, until Brook does not see the poster with his eyes, although he eyes not gave them to us, yohohohoho! And here's the reaction of the Mugiwara to the correct reading of the new size of Luffy:

Basically, there are two reasons that have made squirt to the stars the size of Luffy: the fact of having attacked one of the Four Emperors of the Sea directly in its territories and to be released alive and having completed an impossible task for anyone before him, or defeat Charlotte Katakuri, General Sweet the most powerful in the service of his loving mother with a size of well over a billion Berry. For these reasons, the size of the Straw Hat is passed on from the already respectable 500 million to ONE BILLION AND a HALF OF BERRY!

The man at the head of a fleet of 5000 men who defied the Empress Big Mom, which, according to the newspaper, it would have been at the head of the plot to kill her, the one that did touch the floor at the back of Katakuri and that is survived to all of this is earned not just one size that has tripled in one go, but also a great reputation and the high-sounding title of the Fifth Emperor.

Now, all that remains is to wait to attend the new adventures of Straw Hat and his companions, at the time of travel to the Country of Wano, in which should be able to gather the entire crew.

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