One Piece: the return of the dinosaurs


Published on Feb 10, 2019


WARNING: The article contains SPOILERS!

Eiichirō Oda is certainly not the man lacking imagination and in these last 21 years, with her One Piece, she had fully way to prove it.

While the situation in Wano Country is always more delicate and narrow for men of Straw Hat that are preparing for the great assault on the head of Kaido (“in a silent war, at least as they want to be allies Trafalgar Law, and Kin'emon) on the occasion of the Fire Festival, Kaido is starting to sniff out the danger, therefore, his choice was to release some of his “Beasts” the most powerful not only to stop the Mugiwara, but also to stop Big Mom. But we go for order.

The “Beasts” that he has released are “The Six Warriors Flying” and in Wano, for now, Oda has revealed that a part of these men possess the Power of Devil Fruit Ryu Ryu Ancestral-type dinosaur. This power, therefore, reminiscent of extinct animals, introduces in One Piece the return of the dinosaurs, and after their disappearance thousands of years ago on our Earth.

In particular, for stopping the group consisting of Luffy, Law, Franky and Usopp, Kaido has decided to send in the cover of X-Drake and Page One.

X-Drake has the Power of Devil Fruit Ryu Ryu Ancestral model of Allosaurus (already known in the previous scenes of One Piece), while Page One of the model Spinosauro.

The army of dinosaurs doesn't stop here. In fact, as we have seen in recent chapters, Big Mom has tried the entrance to the Wano Country, but one of the men stronger than Kaido, or King, stopped it and made the dash between the waters of the country closed to the outside world while also generating a memory leak the sensational to the detriment of the Empress.

This King has the Power of Devil Fruit Ryu Ryu Ancestral model Pteranodon, and thanks to that power is managed, at a stroke, to stop Linlin for the joy of Kaido.

Returning to the group of the group of Mugiwara, for the moment, Page One seems to be having the worst of it against Luffy which in the meantime has recourse to the fantastic and powerful Raid Suit constructed thanks to the science of the Germa 66 and the family Vinsmoke, but the japanese author may reveal a few surprises at the last minute, also in the case of such a clash.

The army of dinosaurs will evolve again in Wano? It seems that the author is quite likely to bring back to life an extinct species thousands of years ago, but that can revive thanks to his unmistakable and imaginative.

ONE PIECE is a japanese manga series written and illustrated by Eiichirō Oda to the inside of the magazine Weekly Shonen Jump (Shueisha) since 1997. Currently reached the point of 932 chapters in Japan, the manga has racked up 91 episodes.

In Italy, the manga is published by Edizioni Star Comics, and today are available in the first 89 volumes.

The animated series of the same name which is by transposing the narrative arc of the Whole Cake Island has reached 871 episodes and is aired every Sunday. In Italy, licensed by Mediaset, the animated series stops at episode 578.

Hollywood is producing a television series of live action with real actors in flesh and bones.

It was recently announced that the new animated film of One Piece, which will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the first airing of the anime. The animated film, produced by Toei Animation, it is titled One Piece: Stampede and will be released in japanese movie theatres on the 9th of August 2018. Click here to watch the first promotional image, trailer, and here the character design.

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