One Piece: the new master and the power of Haki to Luffy


Published on May 06, 2019


WARNING: The article contains SPOILERS.

The challenges for our dear future King of the Pirates, Monkey D. Luffy, are certainly not finite, so that the level currently reached, although the upper, may not remain such, but must continue to progress, especially in view of the impending battle against the Emperor Kaido for free Wano Country from his command.

Currently the captain of the Mugiwara is a prisoner in the quarry of the forced labour of the pedal to the floor and is addressing the sessions of Sumo to the will of one of the leading men of the Emperor, the Queen. Luffy is taking advantage of the sessions to try to expand his power, a kind of training then, and it seems that he is struck by an idea to add a new power to his Haki Armor.

In the course of the fight Luffy tries to pull out of the cylinder, a new power... a power certainly not unprecedented as we have already seen him perform in the past by other characters (Rayleigh, Sentomaru).

The same Luffy he admits it, and thinks that the power is connected to the color of the Haki of Armor. What it is trying to capture is essentially based on the launch of the attacks of explosive energy from his hand, but the latter must not touch the opponent, just the shock wave of the punch should be so powerful as to throw away his barriers with Haki evoked.

And so Luffy is using this match of Sumo to be able to learn this upgrade and the luck starts to turn on his side as his ally, that the old Hyogoro, the sa already use.

Remember that before becoming a team during the match of Sumo, Luffy has known Hyogoro in the cell and saw that he was now old and without strength helped him as only a true Captain can do. In that same moment we discover that Hyogoro was a great personality of Wano, therefore, knows how to use the technique that Luffy has in mind to capture in his range of skills.

Hyogoro, therefore, in the course of the match and despite the age, reveals this technique (known as Goken) with success, and the opponents are rejected. The present in the quarry of prisoners remain shocked while Luffy is so much captivated that declare immediately the intention of wanting to learn right from the old man.

According to elder, Wano exists a power that is transmitted to the sword through the body so that the same sword can cut the hardest material, but the action of the cut depends on the will of the user. If there is a decision, the sword will cut whatever, on the contrary will be vain and this is another feature of the extension of the power of the Haki that Luffy wants to achieve.

An ally, then, Hyogoro becomes a master of Luffy's the latter, please teach him everything he knows.

Of course, despite the precarious situation, Hyogoro declares all the good intentions to enhance the Luffy and is a wise choice in the elderly because not only will it be the one that will allow Luffy to get closer to her dream primary, but it will be one of the keys to free Wano, an objective that also Hyogoro has never stopped believing.

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