One Piece: the end of an epic showdown


Published on Feb 05, 2019


The fights in One Piece you rarely can only reduce to a flurry of blows, the outcome of which is predictable: think of Marineford, which is the end of an era and the beginning of a new era, but also for the victory in goal for the pirates in general and for Whitebeard and his in particular, or are finished, they killed, those with a hole in the belly, and who walk, or are missing.

In the case of Luffy against Katakuri, as much as we might easily imagine that he would have finally won, there was always a mystery the way in which we would eventually be successful, not to mention that it would also be able to finish with an escape by the Straw hats, that already had given to legs, scared in front of Big Mom. But the escape in front of an opponent who would have made sure an exciting challenge has never been in the plans for none of the two contenders.

In this article in depth I will, however, particularly on an aspect that is outside of the combat itself, I are already occupied in several articles: the growth of these two charismatic characters under the point of view the most genuinely human, due to their interaction on the field of battle, which is a further demonstration of the fact that the great Maestro, Eiichirō Oda focuses most of his energy in the characterization of his characters, sometimes so deep as to make them almost real, tangible.


The entire saga of Whole Cake Island is drawing ever nearer to its epilogue: some questions still remain open, as the fortunes of Germa 66, of the Pirates, Firetank of Capone “Gang” Bege, and of the Thousand Sunny with his crew, not to mention that the wedding cake for Big Mom, is now ready from a while, is still waiting to be devoured by the insatiable and giant Empress.

However, the one that was undoubtedly the most interesting of the saga has finally ended: it is the clash between Luffy and Katakuri, which was really necessary to ensure that Mugiwara would learn to master the Haki of the Intuition that a variant of the all-new her now-historic Gear Fourth. Yet, the battle also served to Katakuri, who, despite his apparently unquestioned superiority on the field of battle is not managed to avoid defeat.

There is also another detail in the very important reality that makes this momentous clash is particularly interesting: Straw Hat has never faced before, and now an opponent who padroneggiasse to perfection the Haki of the Intuition, which has remained more or less a mystery, even to fans of One Piece before getting to know Charlotte Katakuri, which makes the combat very important for having finally revealed what exactly this particular Shade of Haki.

Not only that, but this is also the first time where Luffy is in front of a Paramisha very similar to him, thanks to the composition of his body, in fact, Katakuri able to play different techniques of Luffy in a way even more effective, which, combined with the ability to predict the short the future, makes it the most fearsome opponent for Mugiwara, since it's a bit like if you were facing a more powerful version of himself, able to use the most devastating attacks, and even to master to perfection a Shade of Haki with which our aspiring future King of the Pirates has never been particularly familiar with, compliche the fact that to use it best requires a great deal of concentration, and, you know, Luffy has never been a very reflective.

The clash has also brought to light some similarities with the works of other mangaka historians, whose work is a constant source of inspiration to Eiichirō Oda: a bit like a Saiyan created by Akira Toriyama, the more the fight is hard and the better the chances are of an upgrade, which, however, did not manifest itself with the acquisition of a new power, but rather a new use of a feature already its own character, as we can see very often in the work more known and appreciated by the Maestro Hirohiko Araki, The Bizarre Adventures of JoJo.


Charlotte Katakuri, the most frightful among the three General Sweet, is renowned for never being dropped back to the ground during a fight and also for the fact that it was never defeated in his life. Until now. But his meeting with the Straw Hat you can not simply reduce to a defeat, since in this circumstance the giant man in purple is able to grow and mature even under the personal point of view.

Most times Katakuri has expressed his enormous respect for the tough little boy that has given him so much wire to twist to away right of his stubborn determination, to the point that, as we know, has arrived to stab himself alone with his Revision for the sanctions to be imposed in a wound comparable to that which has caused Luffy following the sabotage of the fight by her younger sister, the devilish Flampe.

Katakuri is, therefore, a man incredibly loyal and correct in and out of the field of battle, especially when facing an opponent who can enjoy its estimate and if it comes to defending his beloved family: Katakuri is there in the Mirror World solely to protect his loved ones, and has nothing personal against Luffy, on the contrary, begins instead to admire.

Thanks to Luffy, then, Katakuri, he has even found the courage to show his true appearance for the first time without be ashamed, on the contrary, with a certain pride, not to mention the jokes that the two have exchanged in the various circumstances, showing that the respect is mutual, situation, this, not so usual in shonen fighting, and in the same work of the Oda, which it evidently wanted to give a cut that is different to the narrative, showing that not everything is white or black, and that, for this, even among the ranks of the enemy can be individuals worthy of respect for Luffy, and that, in turn, think him worthy of the same respect.


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