One Piece: the detail that connects Zoro in Wano


Published on Mar 11, 2019


WARNING: The article contains SPOILERS.

The narrative arc of the Wano Country is reaching a new and important phase inside of the manga One Piece. Eiichirō Oda has recently unveiled a range of new personalities related to the world of the samurai and of the ninja and, in this respect, the japanese author has also suggested an incredible and big enough detail that would link the samurai of the Straw hats, Zoro in Wano.

Within the last few chapters published on "Weekly Shonen Jump", and on the application of Manga PLUS, we see Momonosuke while he is training in the use of swords and, suddenly, in the back swing screams a cry that sounds “SUNAAACH!!”.

As you listen to this exclamation, O-Kiku, the present with the descendant of the dynasty Kozuki, asks the young man where he learned that word. Momonosuke tells him that it is a way of yelling of the swordsmen and foreign, and in particular, it taught Games Zoro to help your mind and heart to find the courage in the phase of trauma.

Accordingly, learned this detail, O-Kiku reveals to the young man not to use such words because in the old dialect of the Kuri there is a word very similar and that the boy should not use. In other words, the beautiful Kiku forbids the boy to use it again in the future.

Still we don't know why O-Kiku has forbidden to the young Momonosuke to express this exclamation. However, the fact that Zoro knows, and that's part of the dialect of Kuri, this would mean that, probably, the swordsman would have a link with the country of Wano and, not surprisingly, it is a nation of samurai and the blades, or details that are very close to the personality of Zoro that, among other things, plays a role of Ronin currently.

Remember, that Momonosuke is one of the last descendants of the family of Oden, the same that had been decimated by Kaido and Orochi, which the present despots of the country closed to the outside world. That this exclamation, being typical of the old dialect of Kuri, it may have been a word close to the clan Kozuki and, then, if revealed, could put you in trouble Momonosuke that, in the meantime, in preparation for the fight against the Emperor?

Going back to Zoro, it is clear that Wano should be his moment, his home where it will be revealed much of her past. The detail that ties it to Kuri seems to be the test, and now it's time to proceed with the serialization to find out more details.

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