One Piece: the advances of the episodes of April and beginning of may [SPOILER]


Published on Apr 13, 2018


In the course of the last few days, as is customary at the beginning of each month, the japanese magazine television, Newtype, has revealed the titles were confirmed, but the variables, of the episodes of the animated series, One Piece, inspired by the manga written and illustrated by the master Eiichirō Oda, that will be transmitted in the current month of April and the first week of may 2018 (832, 833, 834, 835).

It was also announced to the staff that has worked behind the new appointments based on the narrative arc of the Whole Cake Island.

Here are the titles of the episodes with the date of transmission, but beware of possible SPOILERS:

Screenplay: Hitoshi Tanaka;
Director: Yoshihiro Ueda;
Storyboard: Yoshihiro Ueda;
Responsible for the animation: Masayuki Takagi.


Script: Tomohiro Nakayama;
Director: Hiroyuki Sato;
Storyboard: Hiroyuki Sato;
Responsible for the animation: Shigefumi Shingaki.

Screenplay: Shōji Yonemura;
Director: Satoshi Itō;
Storyboard: Satoshi Itō;
Responsible for the animation: Masahiro Kitazaki.

Screenplay: Kisa Miura;
Director: Katsumi Tokoro;
Storyboard: Katsumi Tokoro;
Responsible for the animation: Shūichi Itō.

One Piece is a japanese manga series written and illustrated by Eiichirō Oda on Weekly Shonen Jump. The manga, in Japan, has reached the 900 chapters and editorial publication has come to the 88 episodes.

In Italy, published by Edizioni Star Comis, the publication is currently stable and in progress. The latest volume available is the number 85.

The animated series produced by Toei Animation and has surpassed 800 episodes, and is by transposing the events of the narrative arc of the Whole Cake Island.

Source: OPP

One Piece: the advances of the episodes of April and beginning of may [SPOILER] is




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